Automated 2 Position Rotary Table Workstation for More Throughput in Laser Marking

by | Dec 16, 2014

Compact workstations “M2000-R” and “M3000-R” with 2 position rotary tables for industrial laser material processing. Both high-throughput laser marking workstations are suited for the efficient and ergonomic processing of geometrically complex work pieces of varying sizes as well as small and large batches of parts.

Compact workstations “M2000-R” and “M3000-R” The automated laser class 1 rotary table workstations come with a programmable Z-axis and a 2 position rotary table with either 670 mm (M2000-R) or 950 mm (M3000-R) diameter. Other axes as well as camera systems, exhaust units, interfaces for the integration of client processes and a customer interface directly on the rotary table can be added as an option. The turntable stations are perfect for marking smaller and larger parts of any kind precisely, fast and economically. The robust machine construction ensures a fail-safe processing with highest marking quality. The way of part loading and unloading via a 2 position rotary table ensures that various applications can be executed more efficiently and without using additional beam safety light barriers. Parts are loaded and unloaded while another part is being laser marked. Loading times have hardly any influence on machine productivity. This lets machine utilization and part throughput increase. This consistent prevention of costly non-productive times pays off – especially when high quantities are manufactured.

These high-throughput laser workstations are especially suited for marking all kinds of serial parts such as day/night design parts for vehicle interiors, metal components, tools or medical products and devices such as implants or surgical instruments.

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