Advances in Cellular Materials and Transport Applications

by | Jul 4, 2019

The current issue of Advanced Engineering Materials presents highlights from the fields of Cellular Materials and Materials for Transport Applications, respectively.

The recent issue of Advanced Engineering Materials contains three special sections. Please enjoy free access reading to select articles from all three sections.

Cellular Materials

The papers in this Special Section of Advanced Engineering Materials are based on contributions presented at the recent 5th International Conference on Cellular Materials, held in the Monastery Banz, located in Bad Staffelstein Germany. More than 100 experts from 20 countries discussed topical research in the area of cellular matter in about 80 talks, among them seven keynote and ten invited lectures, and in addition about 20 posters were displayed. The topics were related to manufacturing of cellular materials, characterization techniques and properties, specific applications in energy conversion, prosthetics, and transportation. A very positive trend was recognized with an increasing number of contributions from the polymer community. All articles of this Special Section, guest-edited by Michael Scheffler, can be found here  – moreover, the following two articles can be accessed for free for a limited time.

 Influence of Porosity Orientation on Physical Properties in Porous PZT Ceramics by Franziska Eichhorn, Ken‐ichi Kakimoto, Peter Greil and Tobias Fey

Foams of Gray Cast Iron as Efficient Energy Absorption Structures: A Feasibility Study by Ali C. Kaya, Paul Zaslansky, Alexander Rack, Sebastian F. Fischer, Claudia Fleck

Advanced Materials for Transport Applications

This Special Section, guest-edited by Dirk Lehmhus, Axel von Hehl, Joachim Hausmann, Kambiz Kayvantash, Rene Alderliesten, and Jörg Hohe, compiles contributions presented at a symposium of EUROMAT 2017. The papers cover hybrid materials, polymer matrix composite materials, metal casting, and advanced experimental approaches for development of metallic materials.

The following two articles can be accessed for free, all article can be found here:

The Challenge of Reversing Theories to Hybridize Structures with Fiber Metal Laminate Design Concepts by René Alderliesten. Read more about this article here.

Effect of Thermal Cycling and Aging on Heated Fiber Metal Laminates and Glass‐Fiber Epoxy Composites by Michiel Hagenbeek, Bernhard Müller and Jos Sinke

One additional Special Section in this issue of Advanced Engineering Materials has been dedicated to Peter Greil, on occasion of his 65th Birthday. For more details, including free access to selected articles for a limited time, click here.

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