US declares support for waiver of COVID-19 vaccines patents

In a historic and surprise move, this week the US declared its support for a patent waiver on COVID-19 vaccines.

Do masks need to be worn outdoors?

Though risk is lower, researchers debate whether people should be encouraged to wear masks outdoors or should efforts instead focus on reducing indoor transmission?

Polls indicate pausing the J&J vaccine was the right decision

While numbers indicate that the risks of COVID-19 still outweigh potential vaccine side effects, the current pause in vaccine distribution demonstrate the system is working and the public is onboard.

Pseudoviruses help determine the success of COVID-19 vaccines and antibody therapies

Assays using pseudoviruses have been indispensable in our efforts to halt the current pandemic.

Delaying second dose of COVID-19 vaccine has benefits in the short term, but depends on immunity

The strength of immune responses after the first dose of COVID-19 vaccines could make or break this strategy and policy makers need to be able to adapt.

Research highlights

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