2D Nanomaterials for Cancer Therapeutic Platforms

by | Mar 24, 2017

In a recent Review, a summary of 2D nanomaterials for used in cancer theranostics is provided.

Typical synthesis methods of graphene. More information here.

Cancer has a severe impact on worldwide public health due to its high mortality and morbidity rates, while there remains a lack of effective diagnosis and treatment strategies for cancer. Some emerging nanotechnologies in thernaostics show advantages.

Recently, two-dimensional nanomaterials (2DNMs) have rapidly risen as attractive stars in materials science, because of their innovative chemical, mechanical, electronic and optical properties. Coupling these advanced properties with biosystems leads to novel cancer nanotherapeutic platforms.

In a recent Review, Huiyu Liu and Sijin Liu present a summary of 2DNMs used in cancer theranostics. The synthesis and fundamental properties and their progress in cancer diagnostics, imaging and treatment are summarized, and including their in vivo fate. In addition, the strategies of fine-tuning 2DNMs for enhanced biocompatibility and theranostics efficacies have also been systemically reviewed. The modification strategies to enhance the biocompatibility of 2DNMs are also reviewed.


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