Special issues on Nobel Prizewinning Nitride Semiconductors

by | Jun 25, 2015

Twin special issues on the Nobel Prize topic “Nitride Semiconductors” have been published in pss (a) and pss (b).

cover_issues_2015Twin special issues on tthe Nobel Prize topic “Nitride Semiconductors” have been published in pss (a) and pss (b), with guest editors Izabela Gorczyca, Tadeusz Suski, Detlef Hommel and Piotr Perlin.

The issues include 7 Invited and Feature Articles and two Review Articles: The efficiency challenge of nitride light-emitting diodes for lighting by Claude Weisbuch, Marco Piccardo, Lucio Martinelli, Justin Iveland, Jacques Peretti and James S. Speck of CNRS and UCSB and “First-principles theory of acceptors in nitride semiconductors” by John L. Lyons, Audrius Alkauskas, Anderson Janotti and Chris G. Van de Walle, UCSB.

pss (a) also contains a Past & Present contribution by Henning Riechert, PDI Berlin. A specially designed pss logo assembled from blue LEDs (supplied by author A. Dadgar of Univ. Magdeburg) is shown on the covers to honor the Nobel Prize laureates.

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