Special Issue: Steel Manufacturing Simulation and Visualization

by | Apr 5, 2019

Special Issue on manifold visualisation and simulation technologies for steel manufacturing published in Steel Research International.

Steel Manufacturing Simulation and Visualization is the title of the newest Special Issue in Steel Research International, published in April 2019. This comprehensive Special Issue was guest-edited by Richard L. Bodnar and Chenn Q. Zhou who helped founding the Steel Manufacturing Simulation and Visualization Consortium (SMSVC) at Purdue University Northwest. Next to an Editorial, two Reviews and sixteen Full Papers illustrate the indispensable role of advanced visualization and simulation technologies for optimization and improvement in modern steel production.

Find the comprehensive collection of articles below:

Chenn Q. Zhou, and Richard L. Bodnar

Tyamo Okosun, Armin K. Silaen, and Chenn Q. Zhou

Guangwu Tang, Yuchao Chen, Armin K. Silaen, Yury Krotov, Michael F. Riley, and Chenn Q. Zhou

Haojian Duan, Lifeng Zhang, and Brian G. Thomas

Wenjie Liu, Justina Lee, Xipeng Guo, Armin K. Silaen, and Chenn Q. Zhou

Dipak Mazumdar

Matthew L. S. Zappulla, Seong‐Mook Cho, and Brian G. Thomas

Rui Liu, Kenneth Blazek, Bruce Forman, Chris Fritz, and Clint Graham

Zhongqiu Liu, Baokuan Li, Alexander Vakhrushev, Menghuai Wu, and Andreas Ludwig

Xianglong Li, Baokuan Li, Zhongqiu Liu, Ran Niu, and Xuechi Huang

Wei Chen, Ying Ren, and Lifeng Zhang

Haibo Ma, Justina Lee, Kaile Tang, Rui Liu, Michael Lowry, Armin Silaen, and Chenn Q. Zhou

Fang Wang, Yunlong Xiong, and Baokuan Li

Xiang Liu, Bethany Worl, Guangwu Tang, Armin K. Silaen, Jeffrey Cox, Kurt Johnson, Rick Bodnar, and Chenn Q. Zhou

Ryong‐Chol Son, Kyong‐Ho Sim, and Sin‐Ho O

Xin Wang, K. Chandrashekhara, Simon N. Lekakh, David C. Van Aken, and Ronald J. O’Malley

Gilles Guedia Guemo, Vladan Prodanovic, and Matthias Militzer

Sandeep Abotula, Bharath R. Konda, William J. Walsh, Venkata S. A. Challa, Tanya Ros, and Murali Manohar

John Moreland, Kyle Toth, Yuqian Fang, Michelle Block, Garrett Page, Shawn Crites, and Chenn Q. Zhou

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