Recent developments in the field of magnesium corrosion

by | Mar 16, 2015

This paper provides a review of recent developments in the field of Mg corrosion and puts those into context.

atrensThis article by Andrej Atrens presents a critical review of recent development in the field of magnesium corrosion (currently available for free) and puts these developments into the context of what is known about Mg corrosion.

It gives an excellent coverage of the scientific, practical and technical aspects of the topic through reviewing a substantial number of papers published on, or related to the area of magnesium corrosion. The review provides detailed identification and discussion on critical issues in magnesium corrosion, including corrosion manifestations, material influences, surface treatment, anodisation, coatings, inhibition, biomedical applications, stress corrosion cracking, flammability, corrosion mechanisms for HP Mg and critical evaluation of corrosion mechanisms.

There has been much research recently, and much research continues in this area. This is expected to produce significantly better, more-corrosion-resistant Mg alloys.


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