Pre-coated sand for shell molding

by | Jul 11, 2016

ASK Chemicals expands its product portfolio with the addition of pre-coated sand that is used in the shell molding process.

Askroning pre-coated molding sand for the shell molding process are especially suitable for the production of filigree components in all commonly available casting alloys. The pre-coated sands have the advantage of high dimensional accuracy with good hot and cold bending strengths and good disintegration and decoring abilities as foundry supplier ASK Chemicals reports.


New pre-coated sands meet the requirements of foundries for the shell molding process. Source: ASK Chemicals

The Germany based company develops tailor-made solutions for casting and specific applications. The novel pre-coated sands are specially adapted to the individual processes of foundries considering parameters like grain size, loss on ignition, and hot and cold bending strength.

Certain process requirements can necessitate the use of special sands. These special sands, compared to quartz sand, are characterized by other specific physical-thermal properties, and in particular, by the significantly lower thermal expansion behavior in certain temperature ranges.

„Our Askroning products represent a valuable supplement to our product portfolio“ comments Jörg Brotzki, Executive Vice President Europe at ASK Chemicals and is pleased, “A special advantage that has to be highlighted is the efficient and economical use of these new pre-coated sands. ASK Chemicals is constantly seeking to combine technical performance and economical efficiency when developing products for its customers.”

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