New ultrasonic testing device

by | Jun 20, 2016

Ultrasonic specialist Sonotec introduced a digital ultrasonic testing device including touchscreen technology

Founded in 1991 by the physicists Dr. Santer zur Horst-Meyer and Hans-Joachim, Münch Sonotec has currently more than 125 employees. Today the company is well established on the market as a provider of specific solutions using ultrasonic measurement technologies.

As the Germany based company told, the new device for preventive maintenance is a hit with users thanks to apps that are intuitive to operate and open up new domains of application in connection with innovative sensors.

New ultrasonic testing device“Our Sonaphone is a trendsetter in preventive maintenance. The goal was to develop the first user-friendly ultrasonic testing device that combines novel measuring technology, innovative sensors and intelligent software for preventive maintenance,” explains founder Hans-Joachim Münch. Besides apps that are intuitive to operate, the robust tablet shape with touchscreen technology and large 5-inch display houses a new sensor concept with a large frequency range.

Using the new device, maintenance personnel can see and hear everything that happens in the ultrasonic frequency range from 20 to 100 kHz. Prof. Peter Holstein, Director of Strategic Development, explains: “Whereas with the usual ultrasonic testing devices on the market you can only hear a tone, with the new Sonaphone you can now here music.” According to the technology company, the testing device paves the way for new domains of use. Whereas with comparable ultrasonic testing devices it is only possible to find leaks in compressed air and gas systems, the new device detects their size.

Thus the multi-function testing device is not only appropriate for leak detection and classification, but is also useful for tightness testing of unpressurized systems and condition monitoring through checking bearings. In addition, it can be used for electrical inspection by detecting partial discharges and for checking valves and steam traps.

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