New special issue in Advanced Materials Interfaces focuses on Atomic Layer Deposition

by | Nov 8, 2016

A new special issue in Advanced Materials Interfaces this month highlights advances in Atomic Layer Deposition for Energy and Environmental Applications.

Front cover special issue ALDA new special issue in Advanced Materials Interfaces this month highlights advances in “Atomic Layer Deposition for Energy and Environmental Applications”, guest edited by Neil P. Dasgupta, Liang Li, and Xueliang Sun. This special issue includes four reviews, one progress report, and eleven research articles covering application of atomic layer deposition technique for photovoltaics, energy storage, capacitors and conductors, sensors, etc. The articles reflect the breadth of the atomic and molecular layer deposition techniques for surface and interfacial modification, and demonstrate the precise control of composition and structure at the nanoscale afforded by their selflimiting chemistry.


Find the comprehensive collection of articles below:


Editorial by Neil P. Dasgupta, Liang Li, and Xueliang Sun


figure-admi201600505Advances in the Application of Atomic Layer Deposition for Organometal Halide Perovskite Solar Cells

Kaimo Deng and Liang Li

Atomic Layer Deposition for Lithium-Based Batteries

Lu Ma, Ramsay B. Nuwayhid, Tianpin Wu, Yu Lei, Khalil Amine, and Jun Lu

Molecular Layer Deposition for Surface Modification of Lithium-Ion Battery Electrodes

Chunmei Ban and Steven M. George

Atomic Layer Deposition to Materials for Gas Sensing Applications

Catherine Marichy and Nicola Pinna

Atomic Layer Deposition for Sensitized Solar Cells: Recent Progress and Prospects

Do Han Kim, Mark D. Losego, Qing Peng, and Gregory N. Parsons

back-cover-special-issue-aldAtomic Layer Deposition of Hierarchical CNTs@FePO4 Architecture as a 3D Electrode for Lithium-Ion and Sodium-Ion Batteries

Jian Liu, Biqiong Wang, Qian Sun, Ruying Li, Tsun-Kong Sham, and Xueliang Sun

Ultrathin Amorphous Ni(OH)2 Nanosheets on Ultrathin α-Fe2O3 Films for Improved Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation

Qiong Liu, Fengren Cao, Fangli Wu, Hao Lu, and Liang Li

Chemical Protection of Polycarbonate Surfaces by Atomic Layer Deposition of Alumina with Oxygen Plasma Pretreatment

Suk Won Park, Kiho Bae, Jun Woo Kim, Gyeong Beom Lee, Byoung-Ho Choi, Min Hwan Lee, and Joon Hyung Shim

Titanium Dioxide/Lithium Phosphate Nanocomposite Derived from Atomic Layer Deposition as a High-Performance Anode for Lithium Ion Batteries

Biqiong Wang, Jian Liu, Qian Sun, Biwei Xiao, Ruying Li, Tsun-Kong Sham, and Xueliang Sun

Impact of Conformality and Crystallinity for Ultrathin 4 nm Compact TiO2 Layers in Perovskite Solar Cells

Katherine E. Roelofs, Vanessa L. Pool, Dara A. Bobb-Semple, Axel F. Palmstrom, Pralay K. Santra, Douglas G. Van Campen, Michael F. Toney, and Stacey F. Bent

Coating of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes by a Novel Manganese Oxide Atomic Layer Deposition Process for Binder-Free Hybrid Capacitors

Ricardo M. Silva, Guylhaine Clavel, Yafei Fan, Patrick Amsalem, Norbert Koch, Rui F. Silva, and Nicola Pinna


Kevlar-Based Supercapacitor Fibers with Conformal Pseudocapacitive Metal Oxide and Metal Formed by ALD

James S. Daubert, J. Zachary Mundy, and Gregory N. Parsons

Atomic Layer Deposition of Amorphous TiO2 on Carbon Nanotube Networks and Their Superior Li and Na Ion Storage Properties

Huanwen Wang, Guichong Jia, Yuanyuan Guo, Yongqi Zhang, Hongbo Geng, Jing Xu, Wenjie Mai, Qingyu Yan, and Hong Jin Fan

ALD Protection of Li-Metal Anode Surfaces – Quantifying and Preventing Chemical and Electrochemical Corrosion in Organic Solvent

Chuan-Fu Lin, Alexander C. Kozen, Malachi Noked, Chanyuan Liu, and Gary W. Rubloff

figure-admi201600496Sequential Regeneration of Self- Assembled Monolayers for Highly Selective Atomic Layer Deposition

Fatemeh Sadat, Minaye Hashemi, and Stacey F. Bent

Doping Mechanism in Transparent, Conducting Tantalum Doped ZnO Films Deposited Using Atomic Layer Deposition

Zhengning Gao, Yoon Myung, Xing Huang, Ravi Kanjolia, Jeunghee Park, Rohan Mishra, and Parag Banerjee

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