New "Energy Technology" Journal Opens for Submissions

by | Oct 24, 2012

The new journal, Energy Technology, is accepting manuscripts on applied energy research in all areas of energy generation, conversion, storage, and distribution.

The new journal Energy Technology is currently accepting submissions and will publish 12 issues in 2013.

Fossil fuels are a limited resource – during the last 250 years humankind has released a large quantity of carbon (in the form of carbon dioxide) that our planet had taken about 250 million years to sequester. Both concerns of energy sustainability as well as concerns about the effects of climate change are leading to the investigation of new energy sources with new-found urgency.

A global energy transition is on the agenda of most governments in developed countries in order to develop a secure and sustainable energy supply, and the global energy demand is still increasing as the demand from emerging nations continues to catch up. Thus this is an important time for applied energy research, and a new journal, Energy Technology, aims to position itself to record this progress.

This new publication opened for submission earlier this year and will publish 12 issues in 2013. It will launch with an in-house editorial team supported by a four-member Editorial Board and and International Advisory Board, comprising experts in energy generation, conversion, storage, distribution, and other aspects of energy production and use.

Applied energy research is inherently interdisciplinary: important progress is being made in fields ranging from process engineering (for biomass conversion and improved combustion) and electrical engineering (for power conversion and developing smart grids) to materials science and chemistry for next-generations photovoltaic devices, batteries, and fuel-cell technology. According to Editor-in-Chief Barbara Böck, “Energy Technology is intended to record the progress in these fields from across the world and act as a valuable resource for the energy technology community for years to come.”

For further information on any aspect of Energy Technology the editorial office may be contacted at [email protected].

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