MaterialsViews Weekly Roundup

by | Jul 15, 2012

This week on MaterialsViews - the top articles you might have missed.

The top articles published on MaterialsViews this week: what might you have missed?

On Thursday, industry correspondent Martin Grolms reported on the dramatic fashion in which 3M broke the world record for bonding with their new commerically available adhesive Scotch-Weld DP 760, designed specifically for bonding metals.

Wednesday saw the publication of new work on inorganic solar cells, with the possibility of a fabrication revolution – utilizing copper oxide as the key component.

On Tuesday the top story was a fascinating piece on biomimetic ceramics – researchers in the US examined a certain kind of fish scale, notable for its ability to fend off piranha bites, and considered whether it could be used in future materials design.

Finally, on Monday we took a look a look at a new, rubber-based method to detect the dangerous possibility of fuel adulteration in the automotive industry.

What are your top materials science stories from the past week? Tell us in the comments below!

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