Macromolecular Bioscience: Happy Birthday Karel!

by | Feb 5, 2018

The current special issue in Macromolecular Bioscience is published on the occasion of Professor Karel Ulbrich's 70th birthday

This special issue in Macromolecular Bioscience, guest-edited by Dr. Tomáš Etrych, was initiated on the occasion of Professor Karel Ulbrich’s 70th birthday. For this birthday celebration issue, we are really happy to have assembled 12 papers written by Prof. Ulbrich’s colleagues and friends who were all influenced by his life-long scientific efforts.  The contributions in this issue cover a broad range of topics related mostly to the fields of nanomedicine and controlled drug delivery.

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Jindřich Kopeček presents drug-free macromolecular therapeutics, inducing apoptosis via calcium influx and a mitochondrial signaling pathway

Kazunori Kataoka’s contribution deals with an siRNA delivery system with responsivity toward elevated concentrations of intracellular ATP

Michal Pechar reports on anti-leukemia targeted polymer conjugates with non-covalent conjugation of the targeting protein via a coil-coiled motif

David Oupický presents novel polymer systems efficient as anti-miRNA delivery vectors with improved endosomal escape and anti-migratory activity in cancer cells

Wim Hennink and Twan Lammers describe the behavior of PEGylated polymeric nanogels

Leonard Seymour explores solid tumor immunotherapy with oncolytic viruses.

Tomáš Etrych and Petr Chytil review the recent development of pH-sensitive polymer conjugates based on hydrophilic polymers

Ernst Wagner presents EGFR-targeted and PEG-shielded pDNA lipopolyplexes

Hamid Ghandehari’s work concerns thermoresponsive recombinant silk-elastin like nanogels

Maria Jesus Vicent introduces pH-responsive polyacetal–protein conjugates suitable for polymer masked–unmasked protein therapy

Karsten Mäder contributes a study on the intended and unintended targeting of polymeric nanocarriers

Arto Urtti describes novel hyaluronic acid graft copolymers as potential drug delivery vehicles.

Together with all of the authors that have contributed to this issue, the Macromolecular Journals Team would like to express warm congratulations to Prof. Ulbrich on his 70th birthday, wishing him happiness, health and continuing success.

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