Journal of Polymer Science: Special Issue Dedicated to Jean Fréchet

by | Dec 12, 2014

This Journal of Polymer Science A: Polymer Chemistry special issue, dedicated to Jean Fréchet, covers many fundamental and applied polymer chemistry topics.
Journal of Polymer Science A: Special Issue Dedicated to Jean Fréchet

Journal of Polymer Science A: Special Issue Dedicated to Jean Fréchet

For over twenty years, nearly every new area in polymer chemistry has been deeply and broadly influenced by the work of Prof. Jean J. M. Fréchet. From the synthesis of functional polymers and dendrimers, to functional polymers with applications to biomedical, organic electronics, energy, and the semiconducting industries, Prof. Fréchet’s influence has been seminal. The Journal of Polymer Science: Polymer Chemistry now is pleased to announce a new special issue dedicated to Prof. Fréchet.

As special issue guest editors Profs. Tae-Lim Choi (Seoul National University) and Craig Hawker (University of California, Santa Barbara) recount, “This [special issue] had been a source of discussion amongst various Fréchet alumni for many years and the combination of Jean’s 70th birthday, which is special for anyone, and the ACS meeting in San Francisco, made it a must-do. Due to the many years that Jean spent at UC Berkeley and all of his academic and industrial collaborations, we realized that the celebration should not be just among ourselves but with the whole community of polymer science. Therefore, we came up with a special issue dedicated to him.

We hope that readers would enjoy the papers on all areas of the functional polymers that Jean’s scientific influence covers, from the fundamental synthesis of polymers and supramolecules to application toward electronics, biomedical, nano-chemistry, and lithography. Many leaders in these fields, who have worked with Jean or been students with Jean, have contributed. It really is a who’s who of modern polymer chemistry.”

Profs. Choi and Hawker also state that “as former students and collaborators, we would like to emphasize again how honored and grateful we are to have him as a teacher, a mentor, a pioneer, and a friend. He is an outstanding role model for young scientists and a true pioneer.”

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