High Speed and Ease of Use Simulation

by | Sep 25, 2017

ANSYS presents promising digital exploration for product development with new simulation technology.

For the first time engineers can rapidly explore design options and receive instant and accurate simulation results with new technology from ANSYS. Available since September 2017 for technology preview, the US company pledges to revolutionize the speed and ease-of-use of engineering simulation to make digital exploration available to all engineers so they can confidently design products faster and more economically.

Simulation is one of the most critical engineering technologies in the age of the Internet of Things, electrification and additive manufacturing, but it is still the domain of specialists and used predominantly for the most complex engineering projects.

As fast as boundary conditions are established or geometry edits are made, Discovery Live displays useful results all in real-time. Source: ANSYS

According to the software developer, it is expanding the portfolio in order to empower every engineer to take advantage of powerful simulation tools upfront in the design process. Instead of taking days, months or weeks to set up, run and analyze digital prototypes with traditional engineering simulation solutions, it now allows for every engineer to immediately examine the impact of their design changes. Users can pose what-if questions upfront in the design process to rapidly explore thousands of design options and receive immediate feedback – enabling the user to digitally explore the impact of changes with results updating immediately.

“Coupled with an equal step change in ease of use, it enables true digital experimentation,” said Mark Hindsbo, vice president and general manager. “This will fundamentally change product development, inverting the traditional process by bringing simulation upfront and enabling millions of engineers to benefit from the power of simulation.”

ANSYS has undertaken research and development effort to build a new simulation technology based on the massive parallel nature of graphics processing units (GPUs). NVIDIA GPUs deliver supercomputing capabilities and, when combined with the engineering simulation innovation, results can now be calculated thousands of times faster than with conventional methods. This has been combined with nearly five decades of the company’s experience and validation of simulation methods and best practices, making it intuitive for the non-simulation expert to use the software.

The new tool is called Discovery Live and supports fluids, structural and thermal simulation applications. The technology preview is available for download at www.ansys.com/discovery/.

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