Happy Birthday Yusuf Yagci!

by | Sep 29, 2017

Colleagues and friends congratulate Yusuf Yagci on his 65th birthday in a Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics special issue. Read selected articles for free for a limited time.

For over twenty years, Prof. Yusuf Yagci has had a tremendous impact on the advancement of polymer chemistry and, in particular, of polymer photochemistry. This year Yusuf Yagci celebrated his 65th birthday. The Macromolecular Journals team took this opportunity to congratulate Yusuf Yagci on his outstanding contribution to polymer science, with a dedicated issue.

This special issue, guest-edited by Prof. Umit Tunca, is a collection of contributions from scientists who had the pleasure and honor to work together with Yusuf Yagci during his career.

The Macromolecular Journals team would like to thank Yusuf Yagci for his support as an author, referee and journal board member and wishes him all the best for the future!

Selected contributions are available for free for a limited time:

Nitrogen-Doped Nanocarbons Derived from Tetrazine Cross-Linked Poly(4-cyanostyrene)-Silica Hybrids by Krzysztof Matyjaszewski et al.

Practical Chain-End Reduction of Polymers Obtained with ATRP by Craig J. Hawker et al.

Polyethylene-Based Tadpole Copolymers by Nikos Hadjichristidis et al.

Main-Chain Polyimidazolium Polymers by One-Pot Synthesis and Application as Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Precursors by Markus Antonietti et al.

Efficient Polymer-Polymer Conjugation via Thiol-ene Click Reaction by Christopher N. Bowman et al.

Semifluorinated PMMA Block Copolymers: Synthesis, Nanostructure, and Thin Film Properties by Brigitte Voit et al.

You can find all contributions to the special issue HERE.

Enjoy the reading!

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