Engineering Calculations and Materials Processing: Authors on Film

by | Jun 7, 2012

Two materials science authors, Diran Apelian and Arthur Morris, tell us a bit about their work and where they see it fitting in the wider field.

Co-author Diran Apelian talks about his book Shaping Our World, and the importance of engineering education in the 21st century. In this video, Diran details what inspired him and his coauthor to write this title.  He also explains that this book is a user manual filled with case studies and examples to develop our engineering education to meet the world’s needs.

Shaping Our World: Engineering Education for the 21st Century

Written by: Gretar Tryggvason, Diran Apelian

ISBN: 978-0-470-92974-2

Co-author Arthur Morris gives us a few works about his book, Handbook on Material and Energy Balance Calculations in Material Processing 3rd Edition.  In this video Author Morris speaks about the 3rd edition and the revisions in the book. He explains that this book is a teach by example book appropriate for students to practicing engineers with over 100 examples and charts.  A CD rom is included with flowcharts and software required to solve problems.

Handbook on Material and Energy Balance Calculations in Material Processing, Includes CD-ROM, 3rd Edition

Written by,  Arthur E. Morris, Gordon H. Geiger, H. Alan Fine

ISBN: 978-1-1180-6565-5

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