Book review: Nanomaterials in Tissue Engineering

by | Mar 4, 2014

SUNY professor Balaji Sitharaman reviews Nanomaterials in Tissue Engineering.

nanomaterials-in-tissue-engineering-front-coverNanomaterials in Tissue Engineering: Fabrication and Applications
Edited by A K Gaharwar, S Sant, M J Hancock, S A Hacking
Hardcover / eBook
ISBN: 9780857095961 / 9780857097231
484 pages
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Reviewed by Balaji Sitharaman, State University of New York at Stony Brook

The book “Nanomaterials in Tissue Engineering: Fabrication and Applications,” edited by recognized experts in nanotechnology and tissue engineering, Dr. Akhilesh Gaharwar, Dr. Shilpa Sant, Dr. Matthew Hancock and Dr. Adam Hacking captures the convergence of cutting-edge research at the interface of nanobiomaterials, and tissue engineering. The chapters, written by internationally renowned scientists and experts from academia and industry, covers the synthesis, processing and characterization methods of various nanomaterials, and unique challenges in the development of nanomaterials for various tissue engineering applications.

There are fifteen chapters divided into three sections. The first section comprising of 7 chapters covers advances in methods and tools to engineer nanoporous materials, carbon nanomaterials, nanofibers, and layer-by-layer self assembled nanostructures. The second section comprising of 5 chapters focuses on application of nanomaterial for soft tissue engineering. The final section comprising of three chapters is devoted to nanomaterials for hard tissue engineering applications. Each chapter is a review-style article between 15-30 pages with atleast sixty references. The editors also provide an index with more than 1000 keywords with cross-references to help the reader navigate through the topics.

In summary, the book provides a comprehensive introduction and overview of the latest developments in nanomaterials for tissue engineering for anyone new to the subjects, and is a useful reference for advanced professionals.

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