Advances in Advanced Ceramics and Coating Processing

by | Jun 25, 2014

This themed issue of Advanced Engineering Materials focusses on novel processing of advanced ceramics, composites, and coatings.

aem issue 6_2014This recently published Special Issue of Advanced Engineering Materials, guest-edited by Eugene Medvedovski (Calgary, Canada) and Nahum Travitzky (Erlangen, Germany), is dedicated to novel processing of advanced ceramics, composites, and coatings. This includes both the research and optimization of earlier developed processing routes, which improve the productivity and quality of the materials.

The issue contains 18 invited papers prepared by or with participation of the well-recognized ceramic specialists from academia and industry. The manuscripts cover different aspects of ceramic and coating processing, such as: preparation and use of special ceramic powders and precursors materials, colloidal processing, forming routes of different advanced engineering (ceramics, composites, and coatings) for a variety of applications, materials consolidation, studies of the influence of processing on structure and properties of the materials, and large-scale manufacturing. The results of some selected papers have been presented at international conferences, but some papers describe absolutely new results. Some papers cover the extensive studies conducted by the authors for a number of years and even implementation of the materials and processes with the features of industrial experience. The readers can see that the papers presented in this issue were prepared by the authors from different countries of North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, and they demonstrate a successful collaboration between the organizations not only from one country, but also from other countries and even continents.

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This review by Nahum Travitzky et al. summarizes recent achievements in the field of processing of ceramic-based materials with complex geometry using the main additive manufacturing technologies.

This review by Cordt Zollfrank et al. shows that the pairing of cellulose and silica produced materials ranging from cellulose-assisted preceramic green bodies via cellulose-silica composite aerogels to biotemplated high-surface and hierarchically nanostructured silica materials.

In this review by Günter Motz* et al. the development of CVD SiC fibers and three generations of polymer derived SiC fibers over the past 50 years are discussed, illustrating the effect of fiber precursor and processing on the microstructure and physical properties of the non-oxide ceramic fibers.

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