Advanced Energy Materials Top 40 for August 22, 2012

by | Aug 22, 2012

This week's top three are all newcomers to the Advanced Energy Materials Top 40 table.

This week’s top three are all newcomers to the Top 40 table: at #1, Andreas Stein and coworkers review porous materials for lithium ion battery electrodes. They show how porosity affects key performance parameters such as rate capabilities, cycling stability or capacities. Second place goes to David Mitzi and colleagues at IBM Watson for their report on record-breaking CZTSSe solar cells with 11% power conversion efficiency, and third come Stubhan and Brabec et al. with their work on polymer solar cells incorporating a tungsten oxide hole extraction layer that improves fill factor and and open circuit voltage.

Another noteworthy new entrant is Taiho Park’s group with its findings of size-selective ion transfer through nanoporous polymer nanocomposites. At #7, they illustrate how pore size tuning helps improve the performance of dye-sensitised solar cells.

Rank Article Position last week Change Weeks in the Top 40
1 Porous Electrode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries – How to Prepare Them and What Makes Them S 1 Tweet
2 Beyond 11% Efficiency: Characteristics of State-of-the-Art Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 Solar Cells 1 Tweet
3 High Fill Factor Polymer Solar Cells Incorporating a Low Temperature Solution Processed WO3 Hole Ext 1 Tweet
4 Electrode Materials for Rechargeable Sodium-Ion Batteries: Potential Alternatives to Current Lithi 2 –2 2 Tweet
5 Controlling Hierarchy in Solution-processed Polymer Solar Cells Based on Crosslinked P3HT 1 Tweet
6 Simultaneous Open-Circuit Voltage Enhancement and Short-Circuit Current Loss in Polymer: Fullere 1 –5 2 Tweet
7 Tunable Nanoporous Network Polymer Nanocomposites having Size-Selective Ion Transfer for Dye-Sen 1 Tweet
8 Organic Electrode Materials for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries 3 –5 2 Tweet
9 The Electrochemical Flow Capacitor: A New Concept for Rapid Energy Storage and Recovery 5 –4 2 Tweet
10 A High-Capacity Cathode for Lithium Batteries Consisting of Porous Microspheres of Highly Amorphiz 1 Tweet
11 WO3-x/MoO3-x Core/Shell Nanowires on Carbon Fabric as an Anode for All-Solid-State Asymmetri 1 Tweet
12 Lithium-Air Batteries: Survey on the Current Status and Perspectives Towards Automotive Applicatio 11 –1 2 Tweet
13 Recent Progress in Non-Precious Catalysts for Metal-Air Batteries 12 –1 2 Tweet
14 Higher, Stronger, Better…? A Review of 5 Volt Cathode Materials for Advanced Lithium-Ion Batte 36 22 2 Tweet
15 A Stretchable Polymer–Carbon Nanotube Composite Electrode for Flexible Lithium-Ion Batteries: Po 1 Tweet
16 In-Plane Vacancy-Enabled High-Power Si–Graphene Composite Electrode for Lithium-Ion Batter 14 –2 2 Tweet
17 The Direct Conversion of Heat to Electricity Using Multiferroic Alloys 16 –1 2 Tweet
18 Semi-Solid Lithium Rechargeable Flow Battery 20 2 2 Tweet
19 In Situ TEM Experiments of Electrochemical Lithiation and Delithiation of Individual Nanostructures 22 3 2 Tweet
20 Oxide Catalysts for Rechargeable High-Capacity Li–O2 Batteries 1 Tweet
21 High-Efficiency Polymer Solar Cells Based on Poly(3-pentylthiophene) with Indene-C70 Bisadduct 1 Tweet
22 Li-Redox Flow Batteries Based on Hybrid Electrolytes: At the Cross Road between Li-ion and Redox 29 7 2 Tweet
23 Recent Progress in Aqueous Lithium-Ion Batteries 21 –2 2 Tweet
24 Highly Ordered Mesoporous MoS2 with Expanded Spacing of the (002) Crystal Plane for Ultrafast Lithiu 1 Tweet
25 Controlled Synthesis and Energy Applications of One-Dimensional Conducting Polymer Nanostructures: 19 –6 2 Tweet
26 Non-Aqueous and Hybrid Li-O2 Batteries 6 –20 2 Tweet
27 High-Performance Macroporous Bulk Silicon Anodes Synthesized by Template-Free Chemical Etching 32 5 2 Tweet
28 Efficient Inverted Tandem Polymer Solar Cells with a Solution-Processed Recombination Layer 1 Tweet
29 Semi-Transparent Tandem Organic Solar Cells with 90% Internal Quantum Efficiency 18 –11 2 Tweet
30 Kesterite Thin-Film Solar Cells: Advances in Materials Modelling of Cu2ZnSnS4 1 Tweet
31 Facile Synthesis of Nitrogen-Doped Graphene via Pyrolysis of Graphene Oxide and Urea, and its Elec 37 6 2 Tweet
32 Metal–Air Batteries with High Energy Density: Li–Air versus Zn–Air 1 Tweet
33 Tail State-Assisted Charge Injection and Recombination at the Electron-Collecting Interface of P 9 –24 2 Tweet
34 The Current Move of Lithium Ion Batteries Towards the Next Phase 7 –27 2 Tweet
35 Core–Shell Structure of Polypyrrole Grown on V2O5 Nanoribbon as High Performance Anode Material fo 1 Tweet
36 Synthesis, Characterization, and Structural Modeling of High-Capacity, Dual Functioning MnO2 Elect 4 –32 2 Tweet
37 Pathways to a New Efficiency Regime for Organic Solar Cells 17 –20 2 Tweet
38 A Novel Codoping Approach for Enhancing the Performance of LiFePO4 Cathodes 1 Tweet
39 Hollow Carbon Nanospheres with Superior Rate Capability for Sodium-Based Batteries 33 –6 2 Tweet
40 Comparing the Fundamental Physics and Device Performance of Transparent, Conductive Nanostructured N 1 Tweet

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