A Proven Software for the Calculation of Materials Properties

by | Mar 17, 2011

The JMatPro software calculates a wide range of materials properties for metallic alloys. It is particularly aimed at multi-components alloys used in industrial practice.

Although engineers have common and easy access to geometrical data for CAE and FEM software, there is a lack of accurate materials data for use with such softwares. However, this materials data is an important basis for the optimization of products and processes. Because of the great effort involved in traditional testing, data is often scarce or inconsistent, especially for new products or multi-components alloys. JMatPro (Java-based MATerial PROperties) closes these gaps in data. It combines solid and user-friendly thermodynamics (CalPhad) with the calculation of material properties based on physical models.

The material simulation software is available for many alloy systems, e.g. steels as well as nickel, aluminum, and titanium alloys. It calculates phase equilibria and thermo-physical data, such as heat capacity and thermal expansion. In addition, the software determines mechanical properties like strength and hardness and phase transformations like time-temperature transformation (TTT) diagrams.

Version 6.0 of t JMatPro is available since November 2010. The new version includes numerous enhancements, such as the calculation of flow curves as a function of temperature and strain rate. Moreover, the data export capabilities to CAE tools have been further expanded to Deform, Simufact, Forge and similar tools. For steels, re-austenitization calculations and time-temperature-austenitization (TTA) diagrams have also been added in the new version.

The software has been used successfully for many years in the areas of materials development, for instance in steel related industries, as well as in the areas of process modeling and product development like in the automotive industry.

“Sente Software Ltd designed the software application so that it can be used by any engineer or scientist that requires materials properties as part of their everyday work.” explains Dr. Uwe Diekmann, managing director of Metatech GmbH in Kamen, Germany. Metatech is the exclusive sales and implementation partner for the system in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “Leading European steel manufacturers such as Georgsmarienhütte use JMatPro to reduce development time.“

Download a demo version of of JmatPro