A farewell to our colleague and friend, Jenna Flogeras

by | Jun 24, 2020

After nearly four years with us, we wish her well in the future.

Today we say goodbye to our Advanced Science News colleague, Jenna Flogeras, who is moving on to new and exciting opportunities.

Since she first joined the ASN team in the summer of 2016, her passion and enthusiasm for writing has been integral to the development at ASN and will not go unappreciated. Her talent for writing on such a broad range of science topics has helped the platform in expanding and publishing the latest, topical, and important science news to a wide audience.

On the audio-visual side of things, it would not be an exaggeration to say that over the last four years, Jenna has been the voice of Video Abstracts. Through a tireless commitment to professionalism, Jenna provided the soundtrack to over 100 projects.

Working in at times challenging situations, Jenna’s voice-overs were always warm, measured, and expressive, giving life to too-often very technical content. 

Behind the scenes she was instrumental in the genesis of Video Abstracts, writing scripts, proofreading other scripts, and always making sure that each abstract adhered to our style. The many milestones achieved by this project would not have been possible without Jenna’s support.

The ASN team wishes her well on her newest adventure and thanks her for her dedication and outstanding contributions that have made this website what it is today.

All the best, Jenna!

The Advanced Science News team

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