2018 DSM Life Time Achievement Awardee: Doros Theodorou

by | Apr 11, 2018

Greek scientist honored by Royal DSM NV for major contributions made to the field of molecular and meso-scale modeling of polymers.

Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials, grants lifetime achievement awards in recognition of outstanding scientific work by established scientists for pioneering research in everything from life sciences to materials sciences. These lifetime achievement awards in life and materials sciences are granted alternately.

At this year’s conference on Deformation, Yield and Fracture of Polymers (DYFP 2018) held in Kerkrade, the Netherlands, Doros Theodorou, a professor in Materials Science & Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens in Greece, was presented the 2018 DSM Lifetime Achievement Award in Materials Sciences. Prof. Theodorou was honored for his work in the field of computational materials science focusing on predicting polymer properties from molecular structure.

Doros Theodorou’s polymer modeling work began in 1985 with the publication of his influential Ph.D. papers on the topic of predicting the structure and mechanical properties of glassy amorphous polymers. On the occasion of his acceptance lecture at the conference he indicated that his next plan is to intensify his research into coarse graining, i.e., the study of computational polymer modeling beyond the nano level. He also emphasized that “It is truly a career highlight for me to win this lifetime achievement award, because I respect the work of DSM in materials science so much”.

Dr. Marcus Remmers presenting the lifetime achievement award to Prof. Doros Theodorou

An international scientific jury, chaired by Dr. Marcus Remmers, Royal DSM’s Chief Technology Officer, selected the prize winner in recognition of the major contributions he has made to the field of molecular and meso-scale modeling of polymers – while also recognizing that Prof. Theodorou has earned much praise for his open way of working, and his efforts to educate a whole generation of researchers, thereby making it easier for them to build on his findings. “By using computational science to answer the thousands of ‘what if’ questions surrounding potential new materials, Prof. Doros Theodorou and his team are enabling commercial science companies such as DSM to bring game-changing and often life-changing innovations – like biomedical devices – to market faster and more efficiently,” noted Remmers.

Congratulations to Doros on a well-deserved award!


More about the DSM Life Time Achievement Award: https://www.dsm.com/corporate/science/bright-science-awards/lifetime-achievement-awards/materials-sciences-award.html

More about the conference DYFP: http://www.dyfp-conferences.org

Photographer: Johannes Timmermans

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