Month: November 2010
Anisotropic Micro- and Nano-Capsules

Anisotropic Micro- and Nano-Capsules

Precise reproduction of inorganic template shape to create hollow cubic and tetrahedral polymeric capsules with excellent pH, shape, and mechanical stability after core removal

What Can Nanochemistry do for Hydrogen Storage?

Professor Geoffrey Ozin from the University of Toronto shares his thoughts along with those of Professor David Antonelli from the University of Glamorgan, regarding the role that nanochemistry can play in the current hydrogen storage challenge.

Nanochemistry: Who Owns It ?

So who owns nanochemistry? Should “all” the credit be given to chemistry pioneers of the past 20-30 years or were the foundations of nanochemistry already laid in the field of colloid chemistry, the origin of which can be traced to a century earlier?