Steel Research International Top 5

by | May 8, 2013

This month's top 5 most read articles from Steel Research International.

Steel Research InternationalIn each issue Steel Research International brings you the most important research in steel and related materials.  But which articles are getting the most attention?  In this new series we’ll be reporting the top 5 most accessed articles in Steel Research International to show you the articles that are being read the most.

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1. Selection of Desulfurizing Agents and Optimization of Operational Variables in Hot Metal Desulfurization (10.1002/srin.201200085)

2. Calculation of the Total Solidification Time for the 230t Large Steel Ingot (10.1002/srin.201200171)

3. Effect of Magnetic Field Intensity on Abnormal Microstructure in Fe-1.1%C Alloy (10.1002/srin.201200067)

4. A New Method of Rail Head Hardening of Standard-Gauge Rails for Improved Wear and Damage Resistance (10.1002/srin.201200140)

5. Investigation on Water Model for Fluid Flow in Slab Continuous Casting Mold With Consideration of Solidified Process (10.1002/srin.201200076)

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