Special Section on Cobalt-base Superalloys

by | Jun 29, 2015

This special section of Advanced Engineering Materials presents investigations on γ/γ'-Co-base superalloys.

issue6Single crystal Ni-base superalloys represent key materials for turbine blades in modern gas turbines for aero engines and power plants. While Ni-base superalloys are excellent high temperature materials and have proven very useful, Co-base superalloys potentially possess superior hot corrosion, oxidation, and wear resistance.

The recently published special section of Advanced Engineering Materials (included in Issue 6, 2015) on Co-base superalloys, guest-edited by Steffen Neumeier (Friedrich Alexander Universität, Erlangen), presents investigations on γ/γ’-Co-base superalloys. The results show the potential of these Co-base superalloys and help clarifying whether they can replace Ni-base superalloys.

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In this Full Paper Inmaculada Lopez-Galilea, Christopher Zenk, Steffen Neumeier, Stephan Huth, Werner Theisen and Mathias Göken describe the as-cast microstructure of a multi-component single crystal Co-base superalloy.

The influence of iridium on the phase stability, oxidation behavior, and high temperature creep strength of γ′-hardened Co-base superalloys is discussed in this Full Paper by Alexander Bauer, Steffen Neumeier, Florian Pyczak and Mathias Göken.

An experimental Co-base superalloy was designed by Nikolay Petrushin, Konstantin Hvatzkiy, Victor Gerasimov, Thomas Link, Alexander Epishin, Gert Nolze and Gregory Gerstein from the Ni-base system by exchange of Ni and Co concentrations, as described in this Full Paper.


issue6_backOther highlights from issue 6, 2015 of Advanced Engineering Materials include:

Low-Density High-Strength Bulk Metallic Glasses and Their Composites: A Review by Jian-Zhong Jiang, Douglas Hofmann, David John Jarvis and Hans-J. Fecht

Enhanced Plasticity via Kinking in Cubic Metallic Nanolaminates by Thomas Nizolek, Nathan A. Mara, Irene J. Beyerlein, Jaclyn T. Avallone and Tresa M. Pollock

Grain Growth and β to α Transformation Behavior of a β-Solidifying TiAl Alloy by Thomas Klein, Salar Niknafs, Rian Dippenaar, Helmut Clemens and Svea Mayer

Load Sharing Phenomena in Nanoscale Cu/Nb Multilayers by Mikhail N. Polyakov, Jochen Lohmiller, Patric A. Gruber and Andrea M. Hodge

Soft Actuation of Structured Cylinders through Auxetic Behavior by Arnaud Lazarus and Pedro M. Reis. See also the related MaterialsViews article.

Structure–Property–Processing Relationships for Stainless Steel Foams Made by Mechanical Aeration of Powder Slurries by Xi Lin and Andrew R. Kennedy

Strain Gradient in Micro-Hardness Testing and Structural Relaxation in Metallic Glasses by Yannick Champion and Loïc Perrière


Also of interest:

The upcoming special section of Advanced Engineering Materials “Stable and metastable multiphase systems at high application temperatures”, guest-edited by Uwe Glatzel (University of Bayreuth) will present among other topics several articles on Ni- and Co-base superalloys, such as “Formation of Cuboidal Co3AlC Precipitates in Carbon-Containing Co–Al–W-Based Superalloys”, “On the Thermodynamics and Kinetics of TCP Phase Precipitation in Re- and Ru- Containing Ni-base Superalloys” and  “Mechanical and Microstructural Investigation of Nickel-Based Superalloy IN718 Manufactured by Selective Laser Melting (SLM)”.


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