Special issue on the Deformation, Yield and Fracture of Polymers

by | Nov 27, 2012

Free access to the latest issue of the Journal of Polymer Science: Polymer Physics, on deformation, yield and fracture of polymers.

The latest issue of the Journal of Polymer Science: Polymer Physics showcases the best work from the recent “Rolduc” meeting on the deformation, yield and fracture of polymers. Topics as diverse as modeling, biopolymers, adhesion and processing, are covered. Click here for free access to the entire issue until the end of 2012, with contributions from leading authors like Daniel Lacks, Ferenc Horkay, Ken Shull, Paul Smith, Theo Tervoort, Gert Heinrich and Paul Buckley.

The “Rolduc” meeting first convened in 1970 in Churchill College, Cambridge, and is renowned as the world’s leading conference on polymer mechanics. The conference was moved to Rolduc in the Netherlands in 2003 in order to reinvigorate it and stimulate renewed interest amongst younger scientists. As you will see from the issue line up, this has indeed broadened the scope of the conference topics, whilst attracting premier scientists of many nationalities.

This year’s special issue is guest edited by Leon Govaert and Greg McKenna; Greg was the scientific chair of the 2012 meeting, whilst Leon was organizing chair. We hope  you enjoy the issue and contributions, which brings together highlights from the oral presentations at the meeting, along with more in-depth discussion of some of the prize-winning research presented there.

Questions about the journal or scope? You can always reach our editors at [email protected]. Want to submit a paper? Go to www.polymerphysics.org to find out how.


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