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by | May 5, 2015

Macromolecular Journals - For a limited time you can now take a look at these selected Review Articles for free!

Bild1Since many years the Macromolecular Journals have been aiming at bringing to you the latest research on all aspects of state-of-the-art macromolecular science presented in various categories. We have always been trying to offer an attractive mixture of high-quality Review Articles, Feature Articles, Full Papers and Communications.

Today, we are providing you with a collection of carefully selected Feature and Trend Articles from our journals.

For a limited time you can now take a look at these selected articles for free!

Recent Advances in Nanoscale Bioinspired Materials

Melik C. Demirel, Murat Cetinkaya, Abdon Pena-Francesch and Huihun Jung

Structural and functional characteristics of bio-derived materials for the design fabrication and synthesis of eco-friendly and recyclable advanced nano-materials  are highlighted in this Feature Article.

Read more about potenmabi201400324-blkfxd-0001-mtial eco-friendly materials easily produced from renewable resources at reduced cost and in a broad array of useful applications.


pH-Switchable Self-Assembled Materials

Hendrik Frisch and Pol Besenius

In this Feature marc201400623-abs-0001-mArticle, current strategies that have been used in order to design self-assembled materials with pH-responsive properties are illustrated.

The discussion addresses self-assembly of polymer-based building blocks, assemblies emerging from small molecules including surfactants or derived from biological macromolecules, and finally the controlled self-assembly of oligopeptides.


Melt Electrospinning of Small Molecules

Julia C. Singer, Andreas Ringk, Reiner Giesa and Hans-Werner Schmidt

mame201400296-blkfxd-0001-mElectrospinning is an attractive way to prepare nano- and macrofibers. Compared to solution electrospinning of polymers, only a few studies have been published dealing with the solution electrospinning of small molecules.

In this Feature Article, the authors reveal structure–property relations with respect to spinnability and fiber morphology using various small molecules with different structures.


Supramolecular Assembly-Assisted Synthesis of Responsive Polymeric Materials with Controlled Chain Topologies

Jinming Hu and Shiyong Liu

In this Trend Bild2Article, the authors elaborate on the fabrication of functional responsive materials aided by supramolecular self-assembly.

The discussions are mainly categorized in terms of topological structures of resulting polymers. Three types of polymers, namely linear, non-linear shaped and crosslinked nanostructures are highlighted.


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