Partnership offers integrated energy storage module

by | Oct 29, 2015

Aquion Energy and Eguana Technologies collaborate to provide customers with an integrated energy storage module.

Aquion Energy is the manufacturer of proprietary Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI) batteries and battery systems for long-duration stationary energy storage applications. AHI batteries are designed for residential solar, green architecture, off-grid and microgrid, energy management, and grid-scale applications. Together with Eguana Technologies – designers and manufacturers of high performance power controls – Aquion successfully completed field trials of Eguana’s Bi-Direx inverter with AHI batteries.

Partnership offers integrated energy storage module

Stack-based Aqueous Hybrid Ion battery system. Source: Aquion Energy

The testing undertaken demonstrated the technologies of both companies working together as an integrated energy storage module. Target applications for the integrated module include standalone and battery backup power, village power, remote microgrids, diesel optimization, and military power on demand. Further, the same platform can be easily adapted to meet the growing demand for battery-based solar PV self-consumption and residential battery backup storage systems.

AHI batteries have a unique environmentally-friendly electrochemical design, and are the first and only batteries in the world to be Cradle to Cradle certified. The batteries contain no heavy metals or toxic chemicals and are non-flammable and non-explosive making them clean and safe. Aquion says, the long-lasting batteries deliver robust performance across a wide temperature operating range, do not degrade from partial state of charge cycling, require no maintenance, and are easy to scope, site and install.

Eguana’s Bi-Direx inverter is a high efficiency, bi-directional, grid-interactive inverter, specifically designed to connect distributed low voltage generation and storage systems to smart grids and microgrids. Bi-Direx moves seamlessly from grid-interactive to grid-independent operating modes.

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