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by | Jan 12, 2012

Reviews on all physical aspects of polymer science made a splash in December. Read them for free now!
Journal of Polymer Science Polymer Physics Issue 1 2012 cover

Journal of Polymer Science Polymer Physics Issue 1 2012 coverThe latest download statistics from the Journal of Polymer Science: Polymer Physics show the great success of our commissioned Review series, with top experts in the field covering the most exciting, fastest moving topics on all physical aspects of all types of polymers. All Reviews in Polymer Physics are free to download – check out the links below or click here for a full list.

In addition, some of our hottest papers feature in our top ten list this month – with two papers covering polymer solar cells ranking highly. The first, from Mike McGehee in Stanford and colleagues, explains the great performance in organic solar cells of the best-performing blends of the polymer pBTTT with fullerene by determining the blend’s full phase diagram. 

The second, from a collaboration between Natalie Stingelin (Imperial College, London), Garry Rumbles (NREL), Carlos Silva (UMontreal), and colleagues shows the dramatic effects of processing and microstructure on the generation of charge carriers in polymers for solar cells, and resolve some of the discrepancies in the recent literature in reported charge-carrier yields.

All our most-downloaded papers are free to download. Join these authors and more in publishing in the most exciting forum covering all physical aspects of polymers: click here to submit now and benefit from rapid publication times including just 15 days between acceptance and online publication.

– Biomedical applications of biodegradable polymers by Cato Laurencin and colleagues

– Water purification by membranes: The role of polymer science by Benny Freeman, Don Paul, and colleagues

– Conducting polymers: Efficient thermoelectric materials by Mario Leclerc and colleagues

– Block copolymer strategies for solar cell technology by Paul Topham, Andrew Parnell, and Roger Hiorns

– The phase behavior of a polymer—fullerene bulk heterojunction system that contains bimolecular crystals by Iain McCulloch, Zhenan Bao, Michael F. Toney, Michael D. McGehee and colleagues

– The superhydrophobicity of polymer surfaces: Recent developments by Neil Shirtcliffe, Glen McHale, and Michael Newton

– The influence of solid-state microstructure on the origin and yield of long-lived photogenerated charge in neat semiconducting polymers by Natalie Stingelin, Garry Rumbles, Carlos Silva, and colleagues

– Polymer nanocomposites for electrical energy storage by Qing Wang and Lei Zhu

– Research progress in toughening modification of poly(lactic acid) by Hongzhi Liu and Jinwen Zhang

– Physical aging of epoxy polymers and their composites by Gregory M. Odegard and A. Bandyopadhyay

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