Journal of Biophotonics: Impact Factor increased to 4.447

by | Jul 2, 2015

The 2014 Impact Factor for Journal of Biophotonics increased by 15% to 4.447.

JBIO_coverThe 2014 Impact Factor for Journal of Biophotonics increased by 15% to 4.447.
This increase is evidence of the high reputation and acceptance the journal finds among the vastly growing Biophotonics community. It is also result of the support and commitment from editors, guest editors, board members and reviewers who contributed substantially to this success.
Now in its eighth year, the journal has developed a remarkably high degree of visibility. Journal of Biophotonics is the first international journal dedicated to the whole and continuously growing field of Biophotonics – the leading concept to cover several fields of research, such as bioimaging, biosensors, bioassays and medical devices for monitoring, diagnosis or therapy. Being strictly multidisciplinary, the journal covers cutting-edge research from the perspective of physics, medicine, engineering and life sciences. The coverage extends from fundamental research to specific developments, while also including the latest applications. In this capacity, the journal serves a vast community of scientists who try to understand basic biological processes using light as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool.
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