Freelancer submission guidelines

Advanced Science News aims to cover the latest in science across a broad spectrum of disciplines. While our articles are geared toward an audience with an interest in science, we do not write articles for experts. Our mission is to make science accessible to everyone!

As such, we aim to publish articles that are informative, thought-provoking, and which stand alone as entertaining pieces of science journalism, avoiding technical jargon and telling a compelling story around the science or discovery.

Finding the right paper

Spend some time reading articles on our website to get a feel for the type of content and subject areas we typically publish. We’re seeking stories that are entertaining, fascinating, important, or controversial. Ask yourself: Will anyone outside of this field care or find this interesting? Will people be compelled to talk about this at a dinner party?

The more original a story is, the more likely that it will catch an editor’s eye.

What are we looking for?

  • Ideas or discoveries that upend established ideas or assumptions
  • Discoveries that answer long-standing scientific questions
  • Public interest stories centered around science or science policy
  • Technology or discovery that will change the way the world works
  • Stories that spotlight quirky, offbeat, or amusing aspects of science and innovation.

What are we not looking for?

  • Niche or incremental developments in a field that a non-expert audience will have a hard time relating to or engaging with
  • Articles written about general topics or broad field overviews
  • A progress report on an area of science that hasn’t had a recent major development
  • Articles that are written as overly positive “ads” for papers or events

How to pitch an article

Send all pitches via email to [email protected]. Include “Freelancer Pitch” in the subject line.

In your pitch, write a few sentences outlining what the study or discovery is about and why it’s a big dealhelp us visualize the final article. You should also include the angle you’ll take and any interviews with experts you’re planning to include.

If you’re new to our platform, kindly share a selection of 3-4 published clips to evaluate your writing style (please don’t include any technical manuscript writing).

While we appreciate all submissions, we unfortunately cannot reply to all of them. If your pitch is selected, an editor from our team will get in touch regarding next steps.