Best of Advanced Energy Materials – May

by | Jun 1, 2016

Take a look at the great cover images from the May issues and top five most downloaded articles this month.

Take a look at the great cover images from the May issues and top five most downloaded articles this month.


Cover by Thuc-Quyen Nguyen and co-workers.

Issue 9

Small Molecule Solar Cells

In article number 1502285, the factors limiting charge carrier mobility in solution processed small molecule solar cells are investigated by Thuc-Quyen Nguyen and co-workers. It is found that order in the π–π stacking direction is correlated with the activation energy for transport, while the connectivity of conducting domains is the primary limitation to hole transport in some systems.


Cover by Yong Lei and co-workers.

Issue 10

Lithium and Sodium Ion Batteries

In article number 1502514, Yong Lei and co-workers present a comprehensive update on the fabrication and utilization of nanoarchitectured array electrodes for rechargeable lithium- and sodium-ion batteries. This advanced electrode design can enhance the battery performances by rapid ion transport in electrolytes, short ion diffusion in electrodes, directional electron transport pathways, large surface area, and high electrode stability.


Top five most downloaded papers:

Metal-Organic Framework-Based Nanomaterials for Electrocatalysis

by Asif Mahmood, Wenhan Guo, Hassina Tabassum, and Ruqiang Zou

Low-Overpotential Electrocatalytic Water Splitting with Noble-Metal-Free Nanoparticles Supported in a sp3 N-Rich Flexible COF

by Dinesh Mullangi, Vishal Dhavale, Sorout Shalini, Shyamapada Nandi, Sean Collins, Tom Woo, Sreekumar Kurungot, and Ramanathan Vaidhyanathan

Uniform Hierarchical Fe3O4@Polypyrrole Nanocages for Superior Lithium Ion Battery Anodes

by Jun Liu, Xijun Xu, Renzong Hu, Lichun Yang, and Min Zhu

MoS2/TiO2 Edge-On Heterostructure for Efficient Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution

by Haiyong He, Junhao Lin, Wei Fu, Xingli Wang, Hong Wang, Qingsheng Zeng, Quan Gu, Yongmei Li, Cheng Yan, Beng Kang Tay, Can Xue, Xiao Hu, Sokrates T. Pantelides, Wu Zhou, and Zheng Liu

Design Principles for Optimum Performance of Porous Carbons in Lithium–Sulfur Batteries

by Ritu Sahore, Barnaby D. A. Levin, Mian Pan, David A. Muller, Francis J. DiSalvo, and Emmanuel P. Giannelis

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