Advanced Materials Top 40 for November 6th 2012

by | Nov 6, 2012

Polymers, solar cells, and graphene - this and more in the Advanced Materials Top 40 this week.
Advanced Materials Top 40

The MaterialsViews top 40 is back! This week we’re looking at Advanced Materials – photovoltaic polymers are top, followed by fullerene Schottky junctions and micropatterned graphene, while aerographite continues its run from the last time we visited the rankings.

Rank Article Position last week Change Weeks in the Top 40
1 A Selenium-Substituted Low-Bandgap Polymer with Versatile Photovoltaic Applications 1 Tweet
2 Solution-Processed Fullerene-Based Organic Schottky Junction Devices for Large-Open-Circuit-Voltage Organic Solar Cells 1 Tweet
3 Surface Energy Engineered, High-Resolution Micropatterning of Solution-Processed Reduced Graphen 1 Tweet
4 Layer-by-Layer-Assembled Reduced Graphene Oxide/Gold Nanoparticle Hybrid Double-Floating-G 1 Tweet
5 Facile Shape Control of Co3O4 and the Effect of the Crystal Plane on Electrochemical Performance 1 Tweet
6 Effect of Selenophene in a DPP Copolymer Incorporating a Vinyl Group for High-Performance Organic 1 Tweet
7 Aerographite: Ultra Lightweight, Flexible Nanowall, Carbon Microtube Material with Outstanding Mecha 1 –6 6 Tweet
8 Advanced Electron Microscopy for Advanced Materials 1 Tweet
9 High Aspect Ratio Sub–15 nm Silicon Trenches From Block Copolymer Templates 1 Tweet
10 Phase Separation and Bulk p-n Transition in Single Crystals of Bi2Te2Se Topological Insulator 1 Tweet
11 Sub–5 nm Ln3+-doped BaLuF5 Nanocrystals: A Platform to Realize Upconversion via Interparticle En 1 Tweet
12 Electric-Field Screening in Atomically Thin Layers of MoS2: the Role of Interlayer Coupling 1 Tweet
13 A New General Synthetic Strategy for Phase-Pure Complex Functional Materials 1 Tweet
14 Position- and Morphology-Controlled ZnO Nanostructures Grown on Graphene Layers 1 Tweet
15 First-Principles Calculations of Lithium-Ion Migration at a Coherent Grain Boundary in a Cathode 1 Tweet
16 Optical Modulation Based on Direct Photon-Plasmon Coupling in Organic/Metal Nanowire Heterojunctio 1 Tweet
17 Can Doping Graphite Trigger Room Temperature Superconductivity? Evidence for Granular High-Tempera 1 Tweet
18 Graphene and Graphene Oxide: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications 14 –4 11 Tweet
19 Large-Area Fabrication of Periodic Sub–15 nm-Width Single-Layer Graphene Nanorings 1 Tweet
20 Hypercrosslinked Aromatic Heterocyclic Microporous Polymers: A New Class of Highly Selective CO2 Cap 1 Tweet
21 Fragmentation of Poly(lactic acid) Nanosheets and Patchwork Treatment for Burn Wounds 1 Tweet
22 Oriented Graphene Nanoribbon Yarn and Sheet from Aligned Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Sheets 1 Tweet
23 Thermoelectric Characterization of Bismuth Telluride Nanowires, Synthesized Via Catalytic Growth and 1 Tweet
24 Joining the Un-Joinable: Adhesion Between Low Surface Energy Polymers Using Tetrapodal ZnO Linkers 1 Tweet
25 Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanocages as Efficient Metal-Free Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Re 1 Tweet
26 Solution-Crystallized Organic Semiconductors with High Carrier Mobility and Air Stability 1 Tweet
27 Reverse Engineering of Monolayers and Nanopatterns 1 Tweet
28 Solution-Processable Molecular Cage Micropores for Hierarchically Porous Materials 1 Tweet
29 Fabrication of Vertically Well-Aligned P(VDF-TrFE) Nanorod Arrays 1 Tweet
30 Optically Tunable Amino-Functionalized Graphene Quantum Dots 1 Tweet
31 Oxide Semiconductor Thin-Film Transistors: A Review of Recent Advances 38 7 11 Tweet
32 Fiber Supercapacitors Utilizing Pen Ink for Flexible/Wearable Energy Storage 1 Tweet
33 Extension of the Stoeber Method to Construct Mesoporous SiO2 and TiO2 Shells for Uniform Multifuncti 1 Tweet
34 Rebounding Droplet-Droplet Collisions on Superhydrophobic Surfaces: from the Phenomenon to Droplet 1 Tweet
35 One-Dimensional Nanostructures: Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications 1 Tweet
36 Fabrication of Flexible, All-Reduced Graphene Oxide Non-Volatile Memory Devices 1 Tweet
37 In Situ Electrochemical Deposition and Doping of C60 Films Applied to High-Performance Inverted Or 1 Tweet
38 High-Performance Organic Thin-Film Transistor Based on a Dipolar Organic Semiconductor 1 Tweet
39 An Indium-Free Low Work Function Window Electrode for Organic Photovoltaics Which Improves with In 1 Tweet
40 Theranostic Probe Based on Lanthanide-Doped Nanoparticles for Simultaneous In Vivo Dual-Modal Im 1 Tweet

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