A Greener Approach to Perovskite Solar Cells [Video]

by | Jan 8, 2019

A cryogenic crystallization process eliminates the need for organic solvents.

As the world moves fully towards renewable energy sources, solar power solutions continue to be at the forefront of research. However, current manufacturing processes often use environmentally harmful antisolvents in the production of solar cells.

In Advanced Materials, Professor Charles Surya from Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan, and co-workers develop a greener, four-step method for growing perovskite films applicable to solar cells.

To control the crystallization, a cryo-nucleation technique using liquid nitrogen was employed, and a subsequent drying process induced uniform crystal growth, resulting in uniform, defect-free films. The decoupling of the nucleation and the crystallization phases during perovskite formation leads to films with excellent quality, and results in increased device performance compared with a conventional solution process for perovskite production.

“Our work demonstrates a “green” technique to produce perovskites by eliminating harmful chemicals. Application of the green technique to produce a green technology is doubly effective in transitioning society towards a brighter and greener future.”

To find out more about environmentally friendly perovskite solar cells, please visit the Advanced Materials homepage.

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