360° in-line inspection of rubber profiles

by | Apr 9, 2013

Flexi-Cell UK recently commissioned an in-line inspection system from Pixargus to document the product quality of their profiles for the automobile industry.

Flexi-Cell UK of Dukinfield, Cheshire, part of the Berwin Group recently installed an in-line inspection system from Pixargus to monitor the dimensional stability of precision extruded rubber profiles.

in-line inspection of rubber profilesThe non-contacting optical system provides a continuous 360° view quality check of the profile dimensions, monitoring the product within pre-set tolerances. Generally invisible to the human eye, any non-conforming areas are identified, automatically cut out to avoid inadvertent inclusion in deliveries to customers and recorded on a continuously running log. Customers receive a batch-related copy of the log to verify the integrity of the extruded profile quality.

The new inspection system was a critical factor in Flexi-Cell’s recent successful bid for supply of rubber profiles to a major European automotive component manufacturer. Mr. John English, Flexi-Cell’s Projects Manager said, “To gain this business, we had to work closely with our customer and demonstrate our experience and absolute commitment to consistent product quality. The Pixargus equipment, together with the high quality supply of compound from our Berwin parent gave us the edge we needed. Production volumes are now exceeding our initial expectations.”

The PCD X360 inspection system is an in-line profile measuring system that takes dimensional information from the external surface of the profile at a rate of 2 to 8 times per second. These readings are compared with a reference profile and any deviations are recorded and displayed. The reference profile can be directly loaded into the system as DXF-CAD file.

Pixargus has developed a new LED-based illumination technology for the system, which, when compared with laser-based systems, gives higher measuring accuracy combined with longer service life. In addition, a robust touch-screen operator interface, capable of withstanding the hard conditions of the everyday working environment, makes the operation of the system simple and intuitive, as the supplier tells.

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