Plug-and-Play Time-Resolved Spectrometer

Manufacturer: PicoQuant

Product: The luminescence spectrometer “FluoTime 250” that makes acquiring time-resolved data as simple as plugging it in and starting to measure. Thanks to 25 years of experience in developing high-end diode lasers, spectrometers, and microscopes, the essentials for time-resolved spectroscopy were successfully integrated into a compact, fully automated device.

Features: The device is designed to provide easy access to many time-resolved luminescence applications for novice users and experts alike. The spectrometer’s control software comes with a series of comprehensive, interactive software wizards that enable even novice users to perform complex measurements such as fluorescence decays or time-resolved anisotropy studies in a very short time. Advanced users get full access to all instrument capabilities via a point-and-click interface or integrated scripting language. The large sample chamber can accommodate a variety of easily exchangeable mounting units that are suitable for most sample types, including liquids, solids, powders, films, or even semiconductor wafers. By adding an optional monochromator, the device can also measure time-resolved emission spectra (TRES).

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