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G.I.T Laboratory Journal Europe

G.I.T. Laboratory Journal Europe is published bimonthly with a print run of 20,000 personalized recipients in industrial R&D and scientific institutions throughout Europe. Decision makers from R&D departments of universities and chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological corporations rely on the articles and news provided by the G.I.T. Laboratory Journal Europe.

Imaging & Microscopy

Imaging & Microscopy is the leading publication for the European imaging community. Its editorial content, in print and online, covers reviews as well as scientific and technical reports focusing on applications relating to light microscopy, electron and ion microscopy, image processing and analysis, scanning probe microscopy and x-ray analysis.


Innovation for a sustainable economy. Biofuels, Bioproducts & Biorefining (Biofpr) is the definitive source of information on sustainable products, fuels and energy. Through an exciting blend of news, patent intelligence and features on this website, and a peer-reviewed journal, we will keep you updated with all the latest advances.


CHEManager and CHEManager Europe are respectively Germany’s and Europe’s leading publication for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Both newspapers are read by managers and executives working in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. With a circulation of 43,000 and 15,000 copies, respectively, both titles are the most powerful marketing and communication tools in their relevant markets


ChemistryViews is the definitive web-based chemistry community portal, a fully interactive destination for original and expert content targeted by category. It offers daily updated information on the latest research and the chemical industry as well as awards accepting nominations and funding information.


SeparationsNOW.com provides high calibre, unbiased information, resources and services to assist separation scientists in their work. Registered users have free access to a wealth of information, including peer-reviewed papers from Wiley’s extensive stable of analytical and life science journals, specially commissioned articles from well-known science writers and up-to-the minute news, as well as a host of primers, glossaries, and links directories.


The free access spectroscopy portal that fulfils the information needs of all spectroscopists. spectroscopyNOW.com, a Community of Interest website, has become the definitive spectroscopy resource on the internet, offering a wealth of valuable information, resources and services thus making it the most comprehensive resource available.


BiotecVisions is the free monthly e-magazine with comprehensive coverage in all aspects of biotechnology. Regular features in the magazine include:

  • short summaries of the latest biotechnology publications with links to original full-text
  • latest news and events in biotechnology
  • “Getting Published” section
  • book highlights… and much more

Stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in biotechnology: sign up for the free content alert.

Plastics Engineering

Plastics Engineering is the member magazine of the Society of Plastics Engineers.  Its website, www.plasticsengineering.org, covers up to date news, features, events and jobs listings for the plastics industry along with archiving thousands of technical proceedings in our Online Technical Library.

Microscopy and Analysis

Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2013, Microscopy and Analysis in print is the leading international journal for professional and academic users of microscopical, analytical and imaging equipment. Each bi-monthly issue is distributed as three regional editions, covering The Americas, the Asia/Pacific region, and Europe (EMEA), to over 46,000 subscribers worldwide. The magazine features articles on advanced research techniques, as well as industry and academic news. Online, microscopy-analysis.com offers a rich source of information for professional and academic microscopists with news, features and supplier information as well as an extensive archive of articles

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Statistics Views

StatisticsViews.com has been specifically created for professional statisticians, analysts, students, and any user of statistics in interdisciplinary subjects as the first place to go when looking for any information related to statistical research. StatisticsViews.com provides all users of statistics with access to the best statistics information that Wiley offers, delivering a new service and “one-stop shop” for the statistics community.

Covering biostatistics, business and economics, engineering, environmental statistics, social science, tools, methods, and resources, the website allows users to quickly find everything in their area of interest, bringing statistics together in one accessible site. To aid easy navigation, StatisticsViews.com is split into areas of statistical application.

Feature articles are exclusively published on StatisticsViews.com. Additionally, news items, events, early view articles, books, videos, tutorials, interviews with leading as well as up-and-coming statisticians, career development information, jobs, webinars, and society details can all be viewed on one page, delivering aggregated content in a meaningful way for statisticians.