ICTP 2011 Special Issue Special Topics

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M. Fujiwara, T. Andou, Y. Matsumura, M. Hobo, S. Isogawa
Deformation Induced VC Precipitation Strengthening with 1000MPa Yield Strength

Y. Daitoh, S. Torizuka, T. Hanamura
Steel Parts with High Strength and Gradient Strength by Controlled-forging featuring Vanadium Carbide Precipitation in Pearlite

N. Saba, D. Fuß, U. Weidig, K. Steinhoff
Functional Gradation Produced by Differential Thermo-mechanical Processing

S. Supriadi, N.Q. Hung, T. Furushima, O. Sasaki, K. Manabe
A Novel Dieless Bellows Forming Process Using Local Heating Technique

Y. Bai, K. Nishikawa, M.K. Roy, M. Yang
Investigation on Deformation Characteristics of Surface Asperities of Metallic Foils Using Vibration-assisted Micro-forming

H.N. Lu, D.B. Wei, Z.Y. Jiang, K. Manabe, T. Furushima
Study on Size Effect in Micro Cross Wedge Rolling

C.C. Chang, H.S. Hsiao
Effects of Temperature and Grain Size on Micro Backward Extrusion of Copper

Z. Hu, F. Vollertsen
Investigation on the Optimisation of the Blank Shape for Micro Deep Drawing of Rectangular Parts

T. Shimizu, S. Iwaoka, M. Yang, K. Manabe
Scale Dependence of Dry Friction in Micro Sheet Metal Forming

M. Fu, W. Chan, B. Yang
Study of Size Effects on Material Deformation Behaviour in Micro-deep Drawing of Copper Sheet Metal

M.A. Mirzai, K. Manabe
Influence of Tool-tube Interface Conditions in Conical Expanding Process of Metallic Microtube

A. Yamanaka, H. Osawa, M. Yoshino
Optical Properties of Ordered Metal Nano-dots Allay Fabricated by Nano Plastic Forming and Annealing

T.W. Ku, B.S. Kang
Numerical and Experimental Study on Fracture Limit of Micro V-notched Structure

M. Yoshino, W. Kurnia, A. Yamanaka, T. Matsumura
Modification of Surface Properties by Roller Nano/Micro-Imprinting Processes

E. Ghassemali, A.E.W. Jarfors, M.J. Tan, S.C.V. Lim
Dead-Zone Formation and Micro-pin Properties in Progressive Microforming Process

H. Tanabe, M. Yang
Design and Evaluation of Heat Assisted Microforming System

Y. Oyachi, J.M. Allwood
Characterizing the Class of Local Metal Sheet Thickening Processes

K. Fujitani, T. Tanaka, Y. Imaida
Shape Prediction of Incremental Forming with Hammer

M. Merklein, T. Schneider
Functional Integration of Sheet Metal Parts by Deep Drawing

R.S. Lee, T.C. Cheng, F.W. Luo, C.J. Huang
A Novel Formability Test Method for Electromagnetic Forming of Aluminium Sheet

H. Hosoi, K. Kaitoku, H. Fukumoto
Electromagnetic Forming Simulation of Stretch Flanging for Diagonally Cut Aluminum Alloy Pipe

T. Hama, N. Kitamura, K. Ochi, H. Fujimoto, H. Takuda
Unloading Behaviour of a Magnesium Alloy Sheet under Various Loading Paths

H.-G. Lambers, M. Holzweißig, B. Schramm, H.A. Richard, H.J. Maier
Crack Growth Behaviour in Functional Graded Work Pieces

M. Merklein, M. Biasutti, H. Nguyen, W. Böhm
Flow Behaviour of Advanced Aluminium Materials

V.B. Nguyen, C.J. Wang, D.J. Diane, M.A. English, M.A. Castellucci
Mechanical Properties and Structural Behaviour of Cold-roll Formed Dimpled Steel

H. Kuo, M. Umemoto, Y. Shinohara, D. Lida
Microstructural Investigation of VC precipitation Strengthening in Vanadium Microalloyed Carbon Steel during Plastic Deformation

A.S. Korhonen, T. Manninen, J. Larkiola
Forming and Fracture Limits of Two Metastable High-strength Austenitic Stainless Steels

T. Labudde, W. Bleck
Characterisation of Ductility of Ultra High-Strength Steels

S.U. Lee, D.Y. Seong, D.Y. Yang
Compressive Behaviors of a Sandwich Plate with Structurally Stiffened Pyramidal Truss Cores

C.W. Lee, D.Y. Yang, D.W. Kang, I.G. Chang, T.W. Lee
Anisotropic Behavior and Homogenization of the Shielded Slot Plate for the Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell

R.S. Eriksen, M. Arentoft, J. Grønbæk, N. Bay
Test of Tribological Performance of Robot Assisted Polished Tool Surfaces