ICTP 2011 Special Issue Sheet Metal Forming

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J.C. Park, D.Y. Seong, D.Y. Yang, M.H. Cha
Development of an Innovative Bending Process Employing Synchronous Incremental Heating and Incremental Forming

M. Thome, J. Vochsen
High-Speed Calculation Tool for Design of the JCO Pipe Forming Process

M. Baumgart, A. Steinböck, A. Kugi, B. Douanne, G. Raffin-Peyloz, L. Irastorza, T. Kiefer
Modeling and Active Compensation of the Compliance of a Hot Leveler

L. Steinwender, A. Kainz, K. Krimpelstätter, K. Zeman
Numerical Simulation of Tension Losses and Reaction Forces in Tension Levellers

N. Noma, T. Kuwabara
Effect of Analysis Conditions on the Accuracy of Springback Simulation in Draw-bending of High Strength Steel Sheet and Experimental Validation

B. Engel, S. Kersten
Analytical Models to Improve the Three-Roll-Pushbending Process of Tube-Profiles

S.J. Yuan, C. Han, Y. Wang, S. Yang
Shear Hydro-bending of Light Alloy Tubes

R. Boman, J.-P. Ponthot
Continuous Metal Forming Process Simulation using the Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian Formulation

D.S. Shim, D.Y. Yang, D.J. Lee, M.S. Han, M.S. Ko
Investigation into the Process Design for the Manufacture of Doubly Curved Plates in the Incremental Roll Forming Process and its Experimental Verification

T. Ohashi, H-J. Lian, S. Saito, A. Namisashi, T. Sato, J. Lin
Reduction of Machine Difference of Jolt in Stamping with a Multi-Point Die Support System

B.-A. Behrens, I. El-Galy, T. Huinink, C. Buse
Online Monitoring of Deep Drawing Process by Application of Acoustic Emission

N. Hagino, J. Endou, S. Katoh
Visualization of Contact Condition between Workpiece and Die During Stamping

B. Bassa, F. Sabourin, M. Brunet
A New Shell and Solid-shell Formulation Using Complete 3D Constitutive Laws

Y. Harada, T. Tsuda, I. Fukuda
Forming of Pure Titanium Sheets by Multi-stage Deep Drawing Process

D.C. Ahn, Y.J. Chung
An Analytical Approach for Designing Multi-Stage Cylindrical Cup Deep Drawing

D.H. Kim, M.B. Moon, Y.J. Kim, Y.G. Kim, K.S. Kim
Lightweight Car Body Manufactured through Hotstamping and Tailor Welding of Blanks

H.S. Choi, W.S. Lim, P.K. Seo, C.G. Kang, B.M. Kim
Local Softening Method for Reducing Trimming Load and Improving Tool Wear Resistance in Cutting of a Hot Stamped Component

B. Masek, H. Jirkova, L. Kucerova, D. Aisman, I. Eliasova, M. Zemko
Innovative Concepts for Hot Stamping Process

R. Neugebauer, A. Göschel, A. Rautenstrauch, E. Meza-García
Influence of the Steel Alloy Composition on Phase Transitions and its Applicability to Hot Forming Process

O. Sokolova, A. Carradó, H. Palkowski
Adhesion and Formability of Thin Steel/Polymer/Steel Hybrid Sandwich Composites

W. Homberg, J. Dau, U. Damerow
Combined Forming of Steel Blanks with Local CFRP Reinforcement

M. Heyde, K. Roll
Building Lightweight Cars by Using Steels with Graded Properties

S. Rösel, M. Merklein
Enhancing Forming Limits by Using a Magnetorheological Fluid as Active Fluid Medium for Hydroforming

M. Schenk, J.M. Allwood, S.D. Guest
Cold Gas-Pressure Folding of Miura-ori Sheets

A.W. Behrens, J. Ellert
Form-Field-Structure-Pressing Process (FSP) A Method to increase static and dynamic Stability of thin Sheet-Metal-Structures

X.S. Wang, Z.L. Hu, L.J. Xie, S.J. Yuan
Double-sided High Pressure Hydroforming of Thin-walled Aluminum Alloy Tube

T. Maeno, K. Mori, C. Unou
Influence of Initial Wall Thickness of Tube on Formability in Hot Gas Bulging of Aluminium Alloy Tube Using Pressure of Sealed Air and Resistance Heating

C. Yang, G. Ngaile
Preform Design for Tube Hydroforming Based on Wrinkle Formation

C. Taplick, W. Schmitt, F. Rullmann, C. Ludwig, P. Groche

High Strength Hydroformed Steel Profiles with Free Flanges

Z.B. He, L. Li, X.B. Fan, Y.L. Lin, S.J. Yuan
Reduction of the Friction in Guiding Zone during Tube Hydroforming

A. Fiorentino, R. Marzi, E. Ceretti, C. Giardini
Friction Coefficient Estimation in THF by Means of Numerical Inverse Method

S. Tanaka, K. Hayakawa, T. Nakamura
Incremental Sheet Forming with Direction Control of Path Planes

H. Vanhove, J. Gu, H. Sol, J.R. Duflou
Process Window Extension for Incremental Forming through Optimal Work Plane Rotation

W.C. Emmens, A.H. van den Boogaard
Formability in Incremental Sheet Forming and Cyclic Stretch-Bending

B. Taleb Araghi, M. Bambach, G. Hirt, J. Zettler
Investigations into the Process Mechanics of the Hybrid Process Combination of Stretch Forming and Incremental Sheet Forming

O. Anghinelli, G. Ambrogio, R. Di Lorenzo, G. Ingarao
Environmental Costs of Single Point Incremental Forming

G. Ingarao, F. Gagliardi, O. Anghinelli, R. Di Lorenzo
A Sensitivity Analysis on Environmental Sustainability in Sheet Metal Forming

M. Otsu, T. Ichikawa, M. Matsuda, K. Takashima
Improvement of Formability of Magnesium Alloy Sheets by Friction Stir Incremental Forming

O. Music, J.M. Allwood
Tool-path Design for Metal Spinning

W. Homberg, D. Hornjak
Friction-Spinning of Tubular Components – Basic Research on Parameter Influence and Process Design

S. Maki, T. Hattori, E. Nakanishi
Punching Test of High Strength Steel Sheet in Rapid Cooling Stage Following Austenitizing by Rapid Resistance Heating

K. Hirota, H. Cho
Accuracy of Micro Piercing Process Using Press Indenting and Chemical Etching

M. Hirsch, R. Golle, H. Hoffmann
Tool-Endurance of High-Speed Stamping Tools with Plates of Magnesium and Carbon Fibre Laminate

Y. Fukuzawa, S. Nagasawa, T. Satho, S. Suzuki, H. Sakayori
Analysis of Rotary Cutting Mechanism of Aluminium Sheet

M. Deng, Y.G. Zhang, L. Lv, Y.Q. Wu
Research on Fine-blanking Forming on the Low Plasticity and Large Thickness Parts

M. Zimmermann, F. Klocke, F. Schongen, B. Feldhaus
Fine Blanking of Helical Gears – Finite Element Simulations and First Experimental Results

Y. Yoshida, N. Yukawa, T. Ishikawa
Notched Plate Tensile Test Using Image Analysis and Its Application for Deformation

S. Kajino, T. Tanaka, M. Asakawa
Reduction of Shear Droop by Torsion with Static Shear Load of Bars and Wir

J. Kobayashi, P.V. Duc, K. Sugimoto
Stretch-flangeability of 1.5GPa Grade TRIP-aided Martensitic Cold Rolled Sheet Steels

K. Mori, Y. Abe, Y. Ikeda
Improvement of Formability for Expansion of Punched Hole of Ultra-High Strength Steel Sheets by Smoothing of Sheared Edge

S.C. Heo, Y.H. Seo, T.W. Ku, W.J. Song, J. Kim, B.S. Kang
Derivation of Initial Blank Shape for Thick Plate Forming Process and Its Application to Flexible Forming

A. Papaioanu, M. Liewald
Influence of Pre-stretching on Dent Resistance of Stretch Formed Parts

T. Oya, C. Jeong, J. Yanagimoto, T. Koseki
Effect of the Ductility Enhancement on the Forming Limit of the Multilayer Metallic Sheet

H. Kim, M. Kimchi, N. Kardes, T. Altan
Effects of Variable Elastic Modulus on Springback Predictions in Stamping Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS)