ICTP 2011 Special Issue Material Characterization and Modelling

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E.S. Perdahcıoglu, H.J.M. Geijselaers
Prediction of the mechanical behaviour of TRIP steel

B. Zillmann, M. Härtel, T. Halle, T. Lampke, M.F.-X. Wagner
Flow Behavior of Automotive Aluminum Sheets During In-Plane Uniaxial and Biaxial Compression Loading

Q. Yin, A. Brosius, A.E. Tekkaya
Modified Plane Torsion Tests for Sheet Metal Characterization

M. Merklein, M. Biasutti
Forward and Reverse Simple Shear Test Experiments for Material Modeling in Forming Simulations

J. Liu, J. Li, C. Wang, L. Ruan, Z. Cui
Flow Characteristics and Intrinsic Workability of Magnesium Alloy AZ61

E. Coruk, C. Karadogan
Flow Curve Evaluation by Optic Strain Measurements and Force Balance at the Most Critical Section in the Neck Region of a Tensile Specimen

Z. Keran, M. Math, P. Piljek
Modified Hydraulic Bulging for Determination of Flow Stress Curve

E. Billur, Y. Demiralp, A.R. Groseclose, B. Wadman, T. Altan
Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Flow Stress Determined by the Bulge Test

J. Gerlach, T. Beier, H. Grass, I. Heinle, L. Kessler, A. Lipp
Identification And Validation Of Yield Locus Parameters With Respect To Industrial Forming Simulation Needs

H. Aretz, S. Keller
On the Non-Balanced Biaxial Stress State in Bulge-Testing

L. Paraianu, S. Comsa, I. Bichis, D. Banabic
Influence of the Mechanical Parameters on the Forming Limit Curve

M. Terano, K. Kitamura
Determination of Planar Anisotropy on Radius-plane for Small Tube by Small-Cube Compression Test

R. Kuziak, M. Pietrzyk
Physical and Numerical Simulation of the Manufacturing Chain for the DP Steel Strips

R. Mahnken, A. Schneidt
Material Modelling of Austenite to Bainite Transformation

G.C. Gu, E. Becker, L. Langlois, R. Pesci, R. Bigot
Microstructure Evolution and Material Flow of Steel in Semi-solid Forming Process

F. Chen, Z.S. Cui, J. Liu, L.Q. Ruan
Mesoscale Simulation of the Microstructural Evolution for Low Pressure Rotor Steel during Multi-stage Hot Forging Processes

M. Soltanpour, J. Yanagimoto
A New Approach to Evaluate Static Recrystallization Kinetics

R.B. Song, Q.F. Dai, X.X. Guan, Z.F. Guo
Effect of Martensite Volume Fraction on Tensile Properties of DP1000 Cold Rolled Dual Phase Steel

N. Yukawa, T. Ishikawa, T. Matsuo, Y. Nozaki
Development of Virtual Laboratory System for Prediction of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties in Hot Forging of Vanadium Microalloyed Steel

M. Baiker, D. Helm
Crystal Plasticity Assisted Calibration of Finite Plasticity Model And the Application to Sheet Metal Forming

K. van Putten, F. Roters, G. Hirt
Investigation of the Plane Strain Compression of an Oligocrystalline Specimen

Y. Chung, M-G. Lee, F. Barlat, D.C. Ahn
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Surface Roughness in Ferritic Stainless Steel

H.W. Li, H. Yang
A Computational Efficient and Stable Model of Rate Dependent Crystal Plasticity

T. Uemori, S. Sumikawa, S. Tamura, H. Hamasaki, T. Naka, R. Hino, F. Yoshida
Constitutive Equations of Bauschinger Effect under Stress Path Changes

H. Vegter, P. van Liempt
Modelling of Workhardening of Multiphase Steels

H. Kano, J. Hiramoto, T. Inazumi, T. Uemori, F. Yoshida
Influence of Yield Functions on Parameters of the Yoshida-Uemori Model

T. Clausmeyer, S. Bargmann, G. Gershteyn, M. Schaper, B. Svendsen
Finite-element Simulation of the Evolution of Plastic Anisotropy

A. Van Bael, J. Gawad, P. Eyckens, G. Samaey, D. Roose, P. Van Houtte
Modelling Texture Anisotropy and its Evolution in Sheet Forming Processes

Y. Peng, S. Huang, D. Li
Modelling Flow Stress and Texture Evolution in AZ31 Alloy during Uniaxial Compression at Elevated Temperature

L. Madej, K. Perzynski, W. Wajda, H. Paul, P. Cybułka, L. Rauch
Numerical Analysis of the Texture Evolution on the Basis of the CPFE and Digital Material Representation

F. Abu-Farha, L. Hector, Jr., M. Nazzal
Pneumatic Stretching Test for Evaluating the Formability of AA5083 at QPF Conditions

Y. Kiliclar, M. Engelhardt, H. von Senden genannt Haverkamp, M. Schwarze, I. Vladimirov, D. Bormann, S. Reese, Fr.-W. Bach
Combined Quasi-Static-Dynamic Forming Processes – Material Modelling, Experimental Validation and Finite Element Technology

W.J. Song, Y.S. Byun, S.C. Heo, S.W. Kim, Y.S. Lee, T.W. Ku, B.S. Kang, J. Kim
Prediction and Confirmation of Analytical Forming Limit Curves of Magnesium Alloy Sheet based on Flow Stress Modelling and Experiments Considering Temperature and Strain Rate Effects

M. Malekipour Gharbi, C. Labergère, H. Badreddine, C. Soyarslan, A. Weinrich, M. Hermes, S. Chatti, H. Sulaiman, K. Saanouni, A.E. Tekkaya
Advanced Experimental-Numerical Investigations of Cold Bending of High Strength Steels

I.N. Vladimirov, M.P. Pietryga, S. Reese
Prediction of Forming Limit Diagrams at Fracture by an Anisotropic Finite Plasticity Model with Ductile Damage

C. Hubert, L. Dubar, M. Dubar, A. Dubois, F. Lauro, D. Morin
A Non-associative Flow Rate Formulation for Lemaitre’s Damage Model

J. Chottin, E. Hug, M. Rachik
Damage Accumulation in DP1000 Steel Sheets Submitted to Various Stress States

J. Lian, N. Vajragupta, S. Münstermann, W. Bleck
On Application of a Damage Plasticity Model to Sheet Metal Forming of DP Steel

H. Kim, W. Mohr, P. Zelenak, M. Schimming, M. Kimchi
Predictions of Hole-Edge Failure for TRIP 780 Structural Component During a Static Bend Test

K. Komori
Improved Void Model for Simulating Inner Fracture Defects in Drawing

A. Ghiotti, S. Bruschi, P.F. Bariani
Damage Modelling in Cold Forging Process Chains

D. Vilotic, S. Alexandrov, M. Plancak, D. Movrin, A. Ivaniševic, M. Vilotic
Material Formability at Upsetting by V–Shape Dies

A. Timmer, F. Klocke, V. Bäcker, M. Zimmermann, B. Feldhaus
Holistic Crack Prediction in Cold Forging Processes Through a Temporal and Phenomenological Distinguishing Crack Criterion