ICTP 2011 Special Issue Bulk Metal Forming

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T. Sato, H. Utsunomiya, T. Sakai
Effects of Sudden Friction Change on Rolling Characteristics

K. Hara, H. Utsunomiya, T. Sakai, S. Yanagi
Influence of Oxide Scale on Hot Rolling Characteristics of Steel Sheet 

M. Graf, R. Kawalla
Deformation Behaviour and Mechanical Properties of Oxide Scales during Hot Metal Forming Processes

T. Iwamoto, H. Tanaka, K. Yanagi
An Experimental Study on Diamond Burnishing Tool Wear and Its Lifetime Estimation

C. Hubert, L. Dubar, M. Dubar, A. Dubois
Strategy of Simulation of the Edge-trimming/Cold Rolling Sequence: Numerical Study of Edge Cracking

M. Daamen, T. Förster, G. Hirt
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Double Roller Casting of Strip with Profiled Cross Section

H.B. Xie, Z.Y. Jiang, W.Y.D. Yuen
Analysis of Edge Crack Initiation during Cold Rolling of Thin Strip

M. Kihara, K. Ohara, J. Yanagimoto
Simulation for Microstructural Evolution and Deformation Resistance of Nb Microalloyed Steels during Hot Rolling

S. Abdelkhalek, H. Zahrouni, P. Montmitonnet, N. Legrand, M. Potier-Ferry
Latent and Manifested Flatness Predictions in Thin Strip Cold Rolling: Comparison of Coupled and non-Coupled FEM Approaches

D. Dávalos Julca, T. Förster, B. Wietbrock, G. Hirt
Lightweight Design by Flexible Rolling and Strip Profile Rolling

M. Asadi, N. Schlosser, H. Palkowski
Use of Bake Hardening Effect after Local Strengthening in Dual Phase Steel

R. Neugebauer, A. Sterzing, R. Zachäus, M. Bergmann
Property Distribution in Aluminium Material Processed by Gradation Rolling

A. Kainz, M. Widder, E. Parteder, G. Hein, K. Schörkhuber, K. Zeman
An Enhanced Iterative Algorithm for the Contact Between Elastic Roll Stack and Elasto-Viscoplastic Strip and Plate in Hot Rolling

K. Agarwal, Y. Zhu, R. Shivpuri
Robust Design of No-Twist-Mill Parameters for Reduced Geometric Variation in the Hot Rolling of Steel Rods and Coils

R. Krux, M. Zemko
FEM-modelling of Barrel-type Cross-roll Piercing and Analysis of the Induced Rotational Motion of the Plug Bar

K. Kawai, N. Maeda, T. Yamauchi, Y. Morita, H. Koyama
Rotary Forming of Annular Grooves onto a Circular Tube

P. Mangin, L. Langlois, R. Bigot
Role of Surface Texture on Workpiece Angular Deformation in Cross Wedge Rolling

E. Pashinska, V. Varyukhin, A. Zavdoveev, V. Stolyarov
Effect of Rolling With Shear Technology on Structure, Properties and Plasticity of Low-carbon steel

M.A. Carruth, J.M. Allwood
The Forming of Variable Cross-section I-Beams by Hot Rolling

R. Zhou, J. Cao, C. Xu, K. Ehmann
An Investigation on Multi-pass Deformation-based Surface Texturing

Y. Takashima, E. Takenouchi
Deformation and Rolling Force in Universal Rolling of Narrow Flange Width H-beam

R. Kebriaei, J. Frischkorn, S. Reese
Influence of Geometric Parameters on Residual Porosity in Process-integrated Powder Coating by Radial Axial Rolling of Rings

L.G. Guo, H. Yang
A Process Planning Method and Process Stability Analysis in Cold Ring Rolling

X.K. Wang, L. Hua, C.D. Zhu
Study on the Process Control for a New Type of Vertical Hot Ring Rolling Mill

C. Simsir, I. Eisbrecher, M. Hunkel, T. Lübben, F. Hoffmann
The Prediction of the Distortion of Blank-Hardened Gear Blanks by Considering the Effect of Prior Manufacturing Operations

R. Rentsch, E. Brinksmeier
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of the Distortion of Forged Gear Wheel Blanks

X.Z. Han, W.C. Xu, D.B. Shan
Investigation on isothermal forging process and microstructure evolution of Mg-10Gd-2Y-0.5Zn-0.3Zr alloy

Y.S. Na, W.D. Yoo, J.H. Lee
Process Design for Hot Free Forging of Duplex Stainless Steels by Applying Dynamic Materials Model

A. Stephen, F. Vollertsen
Influence of the Rod Diameter on the Upset Ratio in Laser-based Free Form Heading

R. Morimoto, Y. Kume, M. Kobashi, N. Kanetake
Solid-Phase Recycling of 7000 Series Al Alloy by Compressive Torsion Processing

S. Kajikawa, T. Iizuka, K. Yamaishi, N. Hatanaka, N. Takakura, K. Kanayama
Small Container Fabrication Using Closed Die Wood Forging

K. Asai, K. Kitamura, M. Terano
Evaluation of Anti-Galling Property of Surface-Hardening Tools for Hot Aluminium Forging Using Tapered-Plug Penetration Test

E. Ceron, N. Bay, M. Arentoft, P.T. Tang
Testing a New Microporous Lubricant Carrier for Cold Forging

Y. Sagisaka, I. Ishibashi, T. Nakamura, E. Sasaoka, K. Hayakawa
Evaluation of Environmentally Friendly Lubricant for Aluminium Alloy Cold Forging

J.H. Park, B.Y. Yoo, Y.H. Kim, X. Ma
Stress Analysis of Ultrasonic-Assisted Upsetting based on Two Dynamic Friction Models

T. Okajima, S. Oe, H. Yoshida, S. Isogawa, T. Kimura, T. Ishikawa
Proposal of Punch Wear Prediction Model for Warm Backward Extrusion

Y. Murata, T. Takahashi
Measurement of Die Deformation in Backward Extrusion Process for Various Tool Dimensions

A. Sivaraman, U. Chakkingal
Workability of an Aluminium Alloy Processed by Equal Channel Angular Pressing

L. Donati, N. Ben Khalifa, L. Tomesani, A.E. Tekkaya
Die coatings influence evaluation and friction model selection in aluminium extrusion by means of visioplasticity technique

A. Jäger, N. Ben Khalifa, V. Psyk, A.E. Tekkaya
Thermo-mechanical Processing of Aluminum Profiles Subsequent to Hot Extrusion

S. Gall, S. Müller, W. Reimers
Extrusion of Magnesium Sheets with Increased Width

T. Shirakawa, M. Asakawa, S. Shirasaki, Y. Ohno
Effect of Deformation Heat Generated During Cold Drawing on Drawn Bar Diameter by Numerical FEM Analysis

K. Yoshida, T. Yamashita, A. Tanaka
Prevention of Wire Breaks in Gold Fine Wire Drawing and Improvement in Wire Straightening

T. Furushima, T. Ikeda, Y. Noda, K. Manabe
Deformation and Heat Transfer Analysis of Dieless Drawing Process for Metal Tube

U. Weidig, N. Barbakadze, S. Wagner, K. Steinhoff
Thermo-mechanical Microforming of Wire by Dieless Drawing Process

S.K. Hwang, Y.G. Jin, H.M. Baek, D.K. Kim, I.H. Son, Y.T. Im
A Continuous Hybrid Process for Manufacturing High-strength Low Carbon Steel

K. Nishimura, M. Asakawa, B. Li
Roller Leveler Straightening and Additional Twisting for Coiled Wire