ICTP 2011 Proceedings Special Topics

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S. Alkas Yonan, P. Haupt, L. Kwiatkowski, V. Franzen, A. Brosius, A.E. Tekkaya
Three-Dimensional Formulation and Validation of a New Viscoplastic Material Model for the Simulation of Incremental Forming of Thermoplastics

S.M. Lee, Y.N. Joung, C.G. Kang
The Effect of Thermal Reflow of a Polymer Material in the Thermal Nanoindentation Process According to the Probe Shape

S. Nagasawa, K. Sato, M. Murayama, Y. Fukuzawa
Effect of Tool Condition on Bending Characteristics of Polyethylene Terephthalate Board Subjected to Two-line Wedge Indentation

T. Tokuda, T. Yoshida, M. Takiguchi, M. Funaki, N. Mizutani, F. Yoshida
Viscoplastic Behavior of Highly Ductile Acrylic Adhesive under Cyclic Torsion and Its Modelling

A.G. Mamalis, A.K. Vortselas, G. Kouzilos
Tube-Extrusion of Polymeric Materials: Optimization Of Processing Parameters

R. Ito, Y. Kume, M. Kobashi, N. Kanetake
Effect of Shear Loading on the Density of Metal Powder Compacts

E.G. Grigoryev
High-speed plastic deformation at electropulse forming of powder materials

A.R. Khoei, S.O.R. Biabanaki, S.M. Parvaneh
3D Dynamic Modeling of Large Plastic Deformations in Powder Die-Pressing

G. D’Urso, M. Longo, G. Maccarini
Optimization of a FEM Model for the Simulation of Metal Foams Deformation

F. Cai, L.P. Lei, P. Zeng, Y.J. Lu
Study of the Relationship between Powder Density and Microhardness of BSCCO-2212 by Experiment and FEM

J.T. Guan, L.H. Qi, J. Liu, J.M. Zhou
Effect of Extrusion Directly Following Vacuum Pressure Infiltration Process on Compressive Properties of Csf/AZ91D Composites

K.K. Wang, Y. Liu, Y.L. Kang, J.L. Sun, H.F. Meng
Investigation of SiCp/Cu Composite Sintering and Thixoforging of Electronic Packaging Shell

K.K. Wang, Z. Y. Li, Y. Liu, L. Yang, D.S. Xu
Investigation on Thixo-forging and Electroplating of SiCp/A356 Electronic Packaging Shell

K.-D. Bouzaki, G. Maliaris, A. Tsouknidas
Semi-solid State Aluminum Mechanical and Rheological Properties at Thixo Temperatures Determined by a Developed Experimental – FEM Supported Procedure

K.-D. Bouzakis, A. Tsouknidas, G. Maliaris, G. Katirtzoglou
FEM Simulation of Inductive Heating Al Billets up to Thixo Temperatures and Model Parameters Adaption to the Applied Installation

M. Mohamed, J. Lin, D. Balint
An Investigation of Blank Holding Force in Isothermal Stamping of Aluminium Alloys

S.S. Jiang, K.F. Zhang, J.Y. Liu
High Precision Superplastic Forming of Ti750 Elevated Temperature Titanium Alloy Using Ceramic Die with Adjustable Thermal Expansion Coefficient

M.A. Nazzal, F. Abu Farha, F. Jarrar
The Effects of Hydrostatic Pressure on Superplastic Deformation Stability in the Presence of Cavitation

T. Romans, G. Flesch, B. Wietbrock, G. Hirt
Size Effects of (Flexible) Rolling of Wire and Micro Strip

Z.Z. Zheng, Y. Wang, X.Y. Wang, J.J. Li, L. Liu
Micro Forward Extrusion of a Zr-based Bulk Metallic Glass in its Supercooled Liquid Region

H. Wielage, F. Vollertsen
Analysis of Fracture Behavior in Plastic Shaping by Laser Shock Dye Forming

A. Basti, A. Khorasani, A.R. Nateghi
Analysis and Comparison of Micro Scale and Bulk Scale Deep Drawing Process

G. Fang, W.-J. Ai, M.A. Leeflang, J. Zhou, J. Duszczyk
Experimental and Numerical Investigations into Extrusion to Produce Thin-Walled Seamless Tubes for Vascular Stents

M. Yang, T. Aizawa, S. Nakano, K. Ito
Development of Precise Micro Press Forming System for Fabrication of Micro Parts

T. Aizawa, K. Itoh, T. Fukuda
Fine Micro-Stamping System for Micro-Pattern Printing onto Polymers and Glasses

H. Morita, T. Aizawa, N. Yoshida, S. Kurozumi
Dry Transfer Stamping by Nano-laminated DLC-Coated Tool

M. Merklein, A.E. Tekkaya, A. Brosius, S. Opel, J. Koch
Overview on Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming Processes

S. Naka, H. Tanaka, N. Asakawa
Development of a CAM System with Linear Servo Motor for Automation of Metal Hammering

Z. Yang, M. Golle, H. Hoffmann
Production of Individualised Sheet Metal Parts Using Incremental Shrinking

M. Bambach, C. Russig, G. Hirt, J. Allwood
The Development of a New Peen Forming Process – Rotary Peen Forming

S. Hama, T. Kuboki, M. Murata
Control of Bending Radius in Incremental Bending Process of Very Thin Sheet Metals

A. Basti, S. Yaseri
A Finite Element Study on Paddle Sheet Forming Process for Production of Axisymmetric Parts

W. Homberg, T. Rostek
High Performance Active Elements for Agricultural Machines Made of Ultra High-Strength Steels

Y.Y. Chu, V. Psyk, A.E. Tekkaya, R.S. Lee
Frequency Effect on Electromagnetic Free Impacting Velocity

P.C. Dhanesh, S.D. Kore, P.P. Date
A Numerical Criterion for The Formation of A Solid State Welded Joint in Sheets by Electromagnetic Forming/Joining

R.N. Raoelison, N. Buiron, M. Habak, D. Haye, M. Rachik
Elastoplastic and Damage Behaviour of Magnetic Pulse Weld Interfaces

F. Taebi, O.K. Demir, M. Stiemer, V. Psyk, A. Brosius, H. Blum, A.E. Tekkaya
Computational Design And Forming Limits of Process Chains Composed of Quasi-static and Dynamic Processes

S.F. Golovashchenko, A.V. Mamutov, J.J. Bonnen, A.J. Gillard
Electrohydraulic Forming of Sheet Metal Parts

L.Q. Ruan, K.Y. Hokamoto, Y. Marumo, I.T. Yahiro
Study of Forming of Magnesium Alloy by Explosive Energy

E. Uhlmann, C. König
Influence of Forming Velocity on Process Results of Coining Stainless Steel

K. Hayakawa, H. Mori, K. Koyabu, T. Nakamura
Finite Element Analysis on Interfacial Stress of Scratch Test

M. Maikranz-Valentin, J. Göken, K. Steinhoff
Damping Behaviour of Thermo-Mechanically Graded Materials

M. Houillon, R. Marlier, P. Guégan
Oedometric Tests of Compressible Materials for Crash Energy Absorption

P. Sorachai, T. Pongsatorn, T. Umeda
Effect of Boron Addition on High Temperature Deformation of Boron-added Low Carbon Steel

A.Z. Farahat, A. El-Morsy, T.A. El-Bitar
Microstructure and Tensile Properties of Severely Deformed Nb-microalloyed Steel

S. Szczepanik, P. Nikiel
Simulation of Diametral Compression Testing of Forged Ultra-high Carbon Steel

J. Chen, J.S. Chen, D.K. Xu, X.Y. Yu, Y.C. Bai, W.Q. Lu, W.T. Zhou, R.L. Fan, L. Shi,H. Xiao, G. Tong
Formability Quantification of Hot-rolled High Strength Sheet Metals by Numerical Simulation and Experiment

P. Schäberle, K. Roll, R. Kawalla, M. Stilz
Material Characterization of AHSS for Typical Forming Conditions

K.F. Zhang, S.S. Jiang, F.S. Qu, Y.X. Wang
Multi-layer Cylinder of Inconel718 Superalloy Processed by LBW/SPF Technology

Y. Tanaka, I. Fukuda, T. Tanaka
Plastic Buckling Behaviour of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Pipe

K. Watanabe, K. Natori, T. Tanaka, Y. Imaida
Strain Rate Dependence of Sheet Buckling in High Strength Steel Sheets

K. Bobzin, N. Bagcivan, M. Ewering, R.H. Brugnara
Mechanical and Tribological Properties of PVD Hard Coatings for Metal Forming Applications

B. Klusemann, B. Svendsen
Comparison of Modeling Approaches Based on the Microstructure of Thermally Sprayed Coatings

J. Feng, Y. Qin, R. Raghavan, J. Michler
Effect of the Plasticity of the Substrate on the Performance of the Coating on a Tool

W. Presz, T. Wanheim, J. Lagergren, N.-G. Jonsson
Application of Surface Load – A New Calibration Method

G. Barton, C. Barth, M. Wohlmuth, H. Schafstall, M. Tannert
Praxis-Orientated Modeling of Tool & Machine Elasticity in Metal Forming Processes

Y.K. Son, J.M. Lee, I.K. Lee, C.J. Lee, B.M. Kim
Rectangular Grid-Type Die Design for Hot Curvature Forming of Aluminium Plate

Y. Chen, S. Liu, S. Li
Optimization Based Robust Design of a Disc Spring Clamping Device Considering the Performance Boundaries

K.-J. Fann, M.-H. Chen, C.-L. Hsieh
On Sheet Metal Stamped in Various Settings with a Pneumatic Die Cushion