ICTP 2011 Proceedings Sheet Metal Forming

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H. Li, H. Yang, Z.Y. Zhang, M. Zhan
Bendability of Large Diameter Thin-walled CP-Ti Tube under Rotary-Draw-Bending with Small Bending Radii

Q. Zhang, Z. Zhang, D. Li, D. Tang, Y. Peng
The Dieless Forming of Heat Exchanger

X.Q. Li, D.S. Li, C.H. Jin
An Equivalent Model of the Jaw’s Boundary Condition in Numerical Simulation of Stretch Wrap Forming for Extrusions

H. Hamasaki, K. Gejima, V. Toropov, F. Yoshida
Two-stage Reliability Based Design Optimization for Tension Levelling Process

I. Roberts, C. Wang, D. Mynors, P. Adams, K. Lane, P. Unwin
Numerical Analysis of Strip-Roll Conformity in Tension Levelling

I. Fukuda, Y. Tanaka, N. Yonehara, N. Miyamoto
Bending of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Pipe Subjected to Lateral Load

N. Ren, M. Zhan, H. Yang, Z. Zhang, Y. Qin, H. Jiang, K. Diao, X. Chen
Effect of Weld Geometry on Deformational Behaviors of Welded Tubes in NC Bending Process

J. Yan, W. Wu, Y.S. Zeng
3D Finite Element Modeling of Elastic-plastic Solid Flexible Medium Deformation in Tube Push Bending Process

C. Mueller, P. Groche
Determination of Contact Normal Stresses in Metal Forming Processes with the Aid of Surface Analysis

R. Hennig, A. Sedlmaier, A. Abée
Finite Element Analysis of 3D-Profiles with Changing Cross Sections

F. Bammer, T. Schumi, D. Schuöcker
Some Aspects of Laser-Assisted Bending

P. Mainda, M. Kerschner, C. Hein, W.-G. Drossel
Integrated Piezoelectric Actuators in Deep Drawing Tools to Reduce the Try-out

P. Kaewtatip, M. Jin, M. Murakawa
Ironing of Cylindrical Cups by Using Transversely-Vibrated Rectangular Die

Q. Zhang, S.D. Zhao, Z.R. Wang
Dimple Defect Analysis for Multi-Point Die Forming Process

S. Döhler, K.-U. Schröder, M. Schagerl, T. Waltenberger
On the Influence of Material Parameters in Deep Drawing Processes of Non-axisymmetric Parts

B. Hou, S.H. Li, Z.Q. Yu, Y.X. Zhao, Z.Q. Lin
Numerical Simulation and Experimental Validation of Feature-box Drawing Process for AHSS Sheet

M. Liewald, C. Blaich
Prediction and Optimization of Local Blank Holder Forces for Deep Drawing Processes

Z.S. Wang, H.M. Zhang, L.B. Song, Y.J. Guan, G.Q. Zhao
The Homogeneity Analysis and Parameter Optimization of Constrained Groove Pressing Based on Taguchi Method

V. Baecker, F. Klocke, A. Timmer, P. Mattfeld, F. Schongen, R. Grzhibovskis, S. Rjasanow
Time Efficient Numerical Tool Optimization for Wear Reduction in Deep Drawing

Y.M. Xie
Robustness Optimization of Sheet Forming Parameters Based on Kriging Metamodel with an Adaptive Sample Method

B.K. Choi, H.H. Bok, M-G. Lee, F. Barlat, H.S. Son, K. Chung
Experimental Investigation of Hot Press Formed Tailor Welded Blank Sheet

P. Feuser, T. Schweiker, M. Merklein
Partially Hot-formed Parts from 22MnB5 – Process Window, Material Characteristics and Component Test Results

K. Siefert, A.M. Sulzberger, M. Merklein
Investigation on Induction Heat Treatment to Enhance the Formability of Aluminum Alloy AA5182

J.S. Hwang, S.H. An, C.G. Kang, B.M. Kim
Finite Element Simulation and Experiment on Press Die Quenching Process for Development of the Bumper Beam

R. Neugebauer, F. Schieck, S. Meinel, S. Polster, C. Scheffler, M. Lausch
Aspects of Simulation Based Process and Tool Design for Heat Supported Sheet Metal Forming Processes

J.T. Kim, B.M. Kim, C.G. Kang
The Effect of Die Structure on Formability in Hot Press Forming of Center Pillar

A. Rajabi, M. Kadkhodayan
An Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Wrinkling in Deep Drawing of Fiber-metal laminates

S.J. Jeon, B.M. Kim
Development of Automotive Door Inner Panel using AA5J32 Tailor Rolled Blank

G. Palumbo, M. Montemurro
Warm Hydroforming of an Aluminium Bipolar Plate for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells

J.F. Lin, F. Li, G. Liu, Y.C. Xu, S.J. Yuan
Drawing Of 5A06 Aluminum Alloy Cylindrical Cup with Double Side Pressure

M.F. Li, C.T. Wu, T.H. Chiang, T.Y. Chen
A Study on Sheet Metal Hydroforming of 5052 Aluminum Alloy for Mobile Phone Casing

T. Maki
Sheet Hydroforming of Aluminium Body Panels

S.A. Zamani, M. Hosseinzade
Investigation Of The Effect Of Blank Shape On The Sheet Hydroforming Parameters

M. Halkacı, M. Türköz, M. Dilmeç, S. Halkacı, B. Daghan
Increasing the Limiting Drawing Ratio of AA 5754 Aluminum Sheet by Hydromechanical Deep Drawing Process

B.-A. Behrens, A. Bouguecha, T. Götze
FE Simulation of a Coupled Injection Molding Sheet Metal Forming Process

K.S. Kim, M.B. Moon, Y.J. Kim, Y.G. Kim, D.H. Kim
The Formability-Comparision for Al and Steel on Hydroforming Trailing Arm of Rear Suspension

M. Khalilian, M. Arabbeigi, M. Loh-Mousavi
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Failure in Bellows Hydroforming of Stainless Steel Tubes

M. Mirzaali, G.H. Liaghat, H. Moslemi Naeini, S.M.H. Seyedkashi, K. Shojaee
Pressure and Feeding Loading Path Optimization in Tube Hydroforming Process Using a Heuristic Method, Simulated Annealing Algorithm

G. Liu, W.D. Zhang, Z.B. He, S.J. Yuan, Z. Lin, J. Qi
Hydroforming of Light Alloy Tubular Parts with Large Expansion Ratio at Nonuniform Temperature Fields

Y. Yu, A. Delamézière, M. Nouari, J.L. Batoz
Towards a Simplified Approach to Simulate the ISF Process

B. Lu, H. Ou, J. Chen, J. Cao
An Adaptive Tool Path Generation and Optimisation Method for Single Point Incremental Sheet Forming

G. Ambrogio, L. Filice, G. Gautier, S. Rizzuti
Influence of Tool Coating on the Process Performance of AISI 304 Incremental Sheet Forming

M. Loh-Mousavi, F. Teymoori, A. Etesam
3-D Finite Element Simulation of Water Jet Incremental Forming of a Conical Part

G. Centeno, C. Vallellano, D. Morales, F.J. Garcia-Lomas
Numerical Analysis of the Deformation Mechanism in Incremental Sheet Forming vs. Stretch-Bending

G. Palumbo, M. Montemurro, M. Fracchiolla, M. Brandizzi
Single Point Incremental Forming of a Titanium Alloy Car Body Component Superim-posing a Temperature Increase

G. Ambrogio, L. Filice, F. Gagliardi
Formability of Titanium Alloys in Incremental Sheet Forming Process with Local Material Heating

I. Bagudanch, R. Perez-Santiago, M. García-Romeu, C. Rodríguez
Forming Force in SPIF of Variable Wall Angle Components: FEM Modeling and Experimental Results

H. Long, L. Wang, P. Jagger
Tool Force Analysis in Multi-pass Conventional Spinning by Finite Element Simulation and Experimental Measurement

L. Wang, H. Long
Investigation of Effects of Roller Path Profiles on Wrinkling in Conventional Spinning

X.Q. Cheng, X.Y. Wu, Q.X. Xia
Research on Thickness Distribution of Spun Hollow Part with Four Arc-typed Cross-section

Q.X. Xia, L.Y. Sun, T. Xu, X.Q. Cheng
Parameter Optimization of Involute Inner Gear Spinning Based on Response Surface Method

Y. Wang, X. Xiao, Z. Yuan
Experimental Research on Crack Propagation Path during Incremental Forming Cone-Shaped Component

A. Danno, K.S. Fong, C.C. Wong
Effects of Forming Conditions on Diameter Accuracies of Short Cylindrical Hollow Cup after Forward Flow Forming

K.M. Rajan
Flow Forming of Thin Wall Pressure Vessels For a Critical Application And Assessment of Residual Stress Present in Them : A Case Study

X.H. Li, X.H. He, X.Q. Yang
Simulation Analysis on Backward Spinning of Extra Thin-walled Shielding Can with High Ratio of Diameter/Thickness

M. Takamura, T. Ozaki, Y. Miyoshi, H. Sunaga, S. Takahashi
Shearing Simulation with Ductile Fracture Propagation Using Three-Dimensional Elastoplastic Static-Explicit Finite Element Method

M. Sasada, I. Aoki
Influence of the Blank Holding Force on the Punch Deflection in Shearing

T. Kuboki, M. Matsudaira, T. Matsui, M. Murata
Effect of Clearance on Cut Surface in Slitting of Metallic Thin Film

Y. Oda, N. Takatsuji, T. Aida, T. Yanase, K. Dohda
Examination about Shearing Characteristic of Highly Precision Batch Push Shearing by Thomson Blade Mold

F. Klocke, D. Lung, C. Essig, M. Abouridouane
Development of a Material Damage Model for the Prediction of Chip Breakage

F. Yin, H.J. Mao, L. Hua , Z.H.Q. Gu
A Combination of Back Propagation Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm Method for Process Optimization during Fine Blanking Technique

M. Zubeil, K. Roll, M. Merklein
Numerical and Experimental Study of Loading Conditions in the Roller Hemming Process

X. Hu, Y. Zhao, S. Li, Z. Lin, S. Huang
Experimental Study of the Effects of Hemming Angle Incremental on the Dimensional Variations of Roller Hemming

S. Swiłło, A. Kocanda, P. Czyzewski, P. Kowalczyk
Hemming Process Evaluation by Using Computer Aided Measurement System and Numerical Analysis

Y. Kurusawa, U. Iwashita, J. Iwaya, T. Yamano, T. Kimura, I. Hayashi, M. Asakawa
Clarifying Mechanism of Stretch Flanging Fracture and Optimum Blank Shape

D.T. Pham, S.Z. Su, M.Z. Li, C.G. Liu
Digitally Flexible Tooling System Using Adjustable Multi-Point Forming Methodology

A. Del Prete, T. Primo, G. Papadia
Computer Aided Modelling of Tangential Stretch Forming of Titanium Alloy Aeronautical Panels

M.Z. Li, Q.G. Han, W.Z. Fu, P.X. Feng, Y.H. Liu
Study of a Flexible Stretch Forming Machine

Q.G. Han, Y.T. Li, M.Z. Li, P.X. Feng, Y.F. Li, Y.H. Liu
Design and Analysis of Flexible Blank-drawer for Sheet Metal Forming

N. Barbakadze, S. Wagner, U. Weidig, K. Steinhoff
Multi-Laminated Composite Parts Designed by Thermo-Mechanical Forming

H. Jin, R.B. Wagstaff, D.J. Lloyd, J.D. Embury, X. Ren, M. Gallerneault
The Bendability of AA1200/AA2124 Laminate Sheets Produced via FusionTM Technology

C. Lu, Y.L. Kang, G.M. Zhu, L.F. Gao, R.D. Liu, L. Lin
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Stretch-bend Springback of High Strength Steel

A. Gorji, M. Bakhshi-Jooybari, S. Nourouzi, S.J. Hosseinipour, G. Mohammad-Alinejad
Forming Conical Parts with Sharp Tip Using Combined Hydroforming and New Re-Drawing Processes

B. Chongthairungruang, V. Uthaisangsuk, S. Suranuntchai, S. Jirathearanat
Pre-strain Effect on Springback of High Strength Steel

L. Zhan, J. Lin, M. Huang
Study on Springback in Creep Age Forming of Aluminium sheets

K. Ikeuchi, Y. Wake, T. Wake, S. Ikuta, N. Shikazono, J. Yanagimoto
Springback of Ultra Thin Stainless Steel Sheet after Cold and Warm Forming

R. Bhattacharya, M. Stanton, I. Dargue, R. Aylmore, G. Williams
A Study on The Springback Behaviour of Automotive Aluminium Alloys

C. Zhou, J. Liao, X.H. Zhou, Q.X. Xia
Using Measuring Devices to Compensate Springback in Trail Stamping Step