ICTP 2011 Proceedings Bulk Metal Forming

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C. Choumad-Ould, X. Badiche, P. Montmitonnet, Y. Gachon
Feasibility of TiBN PVD Coating for Mill Rolls – Laboratory Testing of Anti-adhesive and Fatigue Resistance Properties

Y. Zhang, X. Cheng, D. Wei, X. Wang, Z. Jiang
Study on Solidification during Twin-roll Casting of Magnesium Alloy

M. Hattori, T. Sakai, H. Utsunomiya
Texture and Microstructure Control of Twin-roll Cast AM60 Magnesium Alloy Sheet By High Speed Rolling

F. Schongen, F. Klocke, B. Feldhaus, A. Timmer, M. Terhorst, O. Rohr
Incremental Rolling of Defined Riblet Structures on Ti6Al4V Compressor Blades

M.A. Burdek
The Influence of Skin Passing on Surface Topography, Microstructure and Texture of Subsurface Layer of Steel Sheets

H.C. Kwon, I.S. Han, M.S. Chun
Examination of Thermal Behavior of Hot Rolled Coil Based on the Finite Element Modeling and Thermal Measurement

Y. Maeda, K. Uesugi
Optimum Work Roll Diameter for Cold Rolling

Y.M. Hwang, T.F. Hwang, C.Y. Lin, C.W. Su
Development of a Four-High Foil Rolling Mill

K. Uesugi, Y. Maeda
Twelve-high and Twenty-high Rolling Mill for Wide Range of Work Roll Diameter

M. Yoshida, S. Takahashi
Analysis on Thickness Pulsation in Hot Seamless Tube Rolling

R.S. Nalawade, P.P. Date, K.N. Mahadik, V.S.K. Cheekatla
Control of End Defect on Rolled Bar

C. Xu, G. Ren, X. Yuan, G. Liu, Z. Jiang, W. Ren, Y. Guo
The Research on Process of Flexible Cross Rolling for Shaft Forgings

X.M. Zhou, L. Hua, D.S. Qian
Coupled Thermo-mechanical Behaviours in Symmetric Three-roll Cross Rolling of Disk Rotary Parts

J.J. Sheu, S.Y. Lin
Roll Design with Conic Preform Control and Forming Simulation of Skew Rolling

A. Feuerhack, C. Binotsch, J. Katzenberger, B. Awiszus, H. Potthoff
FEM Simulation of Planetary Cross Rolling Process in Combination with Stretch Reducing Rolling

T. Takemasu, R. Ohsugi
Finite Element Modeling of Form Rolling Process of Spline Shaft Using Flat Dies

T. Inoue
Groove Design for Efficiently Creating Ultrafine-grained Steel Bar by Finite Element Simulation

K. Mizushima, T. Aida, N. Takatsuji, M. Furui, M. Ohta, Y. Ishizaka, M. Yamamoto
Effects of Back-torsion Working on Thread Rolling Workability at Room Temperature of AZ31B Magnesium Alloy

J. Lan, Y.L. Qiu, L. Hua
Influence of Radial & Axial Feeding on Rolling Process of Large Ring with Square Cross Section

Y.S. Lee, J.S. Lim, M.W. Lee, Y.H. Moon
Numerical Analysis to Decide Tool Movements on Shape Ring Rolling of Large Sized Ring using Taguchi’s Design of Experiment

H. Yang, H.W. Li, X.G. Fan, Z.C. Sun, D.W. Zhang, L.G. Guo, H. Li, M. Zhan
Technologies for Advanced Forming of Large-Scale Complex-Structure Titanium Components

Y.C. Ho, S.T. Huang, F.K. Chen
Hot Forging of Aluminum-based Metal Matrix Composites

H.S. Lin, J.J. Chang, Y.C. Hsu, C.C. Ke, G.J. Huang, W.S. Wang
Upsetting with Conical Dies for Metal Sputtering Targets

K. Zhao, B. Wietbrock, G. Hirt
Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Closed Die Micro Warm Coining of Stainless Steel

Y.P. Lin, T.A. Dean, J. Lin, R.C. Reed
An Investigation into the Effect of Process Conditions on Friction when Forging IN718 Alloy

Y. Bocharov, A. Antsifirov, Y. Gladkov
Closed Gap Adjustment Mechanism Development for Die-Forging Mechanical Press

J.S. Jin, L. Deng, D.S. Ji, J.C. Xia, X.Y. Wang
Optimization of Multi-step Die Forging of Clutch Gear

B.-A. Behrens, B. Denkena, F. Charlin, M. Dannenberg
Model Based Optimization of Forging Process Chains by the Use of a Genetic Algorithm

J.B. Yang, J.Y. Oh, H. Polisetty, Z. Wu, W.T. Wu
Shape Optimization in 3D Forging Process

F.J. Meng, C. Labergere, P. Lafon
Multi-Objective Optimization of Forging Parameters According To Different Meta-models and Advanced Algorithms

S. Stebunov, N. Biba, A. Vlasov, A. Maximov
Thermally and Mechanically Coupled Simulation of Metal Forming Processes

S. Kamitani, K. Nakanishi, Y.-M. Guo, M. Ozaki, Y. Honda
Effects of Lubricating Oils on Surface Quality of Aluminum Product by Using Tool with Micro Groove Arrays Formed on Its Surface in Cold Extrusion

A. Yanagida, T. Yoshimoto, A. Azushima
Effect of Process Conditions on Permeation of Lubricant Trapped within Pocket into Real Contact Area

Y. Lee, H. Jung, S. Kang, Y. Kim, S. Park
Dimensional Changes of Tooth Profiles after Cold Forging and Heat Treatment of Heli-cal Gear

G.H. Arfmann, M. Twickler
The use of Simulation to predict Tool Failure in Cold Forging Processes

A. Schuster, H.-W. Raedt, A.E. Tekkaya
Influence of a Forging Operation on the Deformation of Inclusions

J. Lan, Y. Zhang, W. Dai, Y. Qiu, Y. Zhao, L. Hua
Backward Extrusion Process Design of 304 Stainless Steel Cup-shape Part with Inner Boss Having Square Blind Hole

X.H. Han, L. Hua, X.B. Deng
Effects of Process Parameters on Cold Rotary Forging of A Spur Bevel Gear

J. Zhou, X.G. Liu, H. Liu, X.Y. Wan
Design and Optimization for Precision Roll-forging Process of A Front Axle of Heavy Truck

G. Mc Bain, C. Barth, G. Huang, M. Wohlmuth, H. Schafstall
Simulating Incremental Bulk Forming Processes with Flexible Kinematics Considering Microstructure Changes, Blowhole Reduction and Automated In-process Control

N. Anjami, A. Basti
Research on Orbital Forging Process by Using 3D Finite Element Method

X. Zhuang, Z. Zhao, A. Guo, H. Xiang, H. Li, X. Dong
Experimental and Numerical Research on Shear Extrusion Process

A. Rosochowski, L. Olejnik
Equal Channel Angular Pressing with Converging Billets – FE Simulation

Y. Beygelzimer, R. Kulagin, D. Raspornya, D. Varyukhin
Deformation Homogenization of Aluminum Alloys Through Twist Extrusion

Y. Beygelzimer, V. Varyukhin, R. Kulagin, O. Prokof’eva, A. Reshetov
Twist Extrusion – Technique for the Structure Formation

Y.M. Hwang, S.M. Tu, S.H. Lin
Study on Hot Extrusion of Magnesium Alloy Thin Strips

K. Agarwal, Y. Zhu, R. Shivpuri
Role of Process Dynamics and Material Instability in the Generation of Surface Defects during High Speed Hot Extrusion of Zirconium Tubes

K. Maity, S. Chaubey, S. Rath
A Numerical Analysis of Extrusion of Square section from Round Billet through Mathematically Contoured Die with Design of Die Profile

L. Deng, X.Y. Wang, J.S. Jin, J.C. Xia, J.J. Li
Effect of Pre-forming Condition on Flow Behaviour of 4032 Aluminium Alloy

Y. Wang, H.Y. Huang, J.X. Xie
Extreme Plastic Extensibility of Columnar-grained Copper Fabricated by Ohno Continuous Casting Process

W. Tang, S. Zhang, M. Cheng, H. Song
A New Die Configuration of Tube Drawing with Floating Plugs

S.K. Lee, S.M. Kim, S.B. Lee, K.H. Ryu, B.M. Kim
Process Design of Multi-pass Steel Profile Drawing Process

N. Kato, M. Asakawa, M. Urabe, M. Yoshida
Three-dimensional FEM Analysis of Rotational Blade Straightening

M. Cheng, R. Wang, H. Zhang, S. Zhang
Development of Design and Optimization System for Metal Forming Process Based on Orthogonal Design, Artificial Neural Network and Genetic Algorithms Methods Integration