ICTP 2011 Preface

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The 10th ICTP is held in Aachen, Germany on September 25th-30th, 2011. It is organized on behalf of the German Metal Forming Association (AGU) by the Institute of Metal Forming (IBF), Aachen and the Institute of Forming Technology and Lightweight Construction (IUL), Dortmund. The ICTP 2011 is the 10th anniversary of the International Conference on Technology of Plasticity. Like its nine successful predecessors, it is dedicated to the advanced technology of plasticity and metal forming.

Ever since the first ICTP 1984 in Tokyo this triannual conference has become one of the biggest international events in forming technology and is therefore often called the “Olympics of Metal Forming”. The 10th ICTP will follow the tradition of its nine predecessors, which were held in: Tokyo, Japan (1984), Stuttgart, Germany (1987), Kyoto, Japan (1990), Beijing, China (1993), Columbus, OH, USA (1996), Nuremberg, Germany (1999), Yokohama, Japan (2002), Verona, Italy (2005) and Gyeongju, Korea (2008).

The 10th ICTP includes a number of distinguished events. The Kurt Lange Memorial Session honores our late colleague Professor Kurt Lange who contributed greatly to metal forming technology and science and who was also one of the founders of the ICTP together with late Professor Kudo. Then, the 2011 JSTP International Prize for Research & Development in Precision Forging is again awarded by the Japanese Society of Technology of Plasticity (JSTP) to two distinguished colleagues. Finally, the Karl-Kolle-Prize of the German Metal Forming Association (AGU) is awarded to a young innovative researcher for the first time.

The interest in the conference was tremendous. Over 650 abstracts have been submitted from over 45 countries. A total of 424 papers were accepted after a rigorous reviewing process for presentation and inclusion in two different volumes: a special edition of the esteemed journal Steel Research International and the conference proceedings. In addition, more than 40 papers have been accepted for a poster presentation. 314 reviewers have contributed to this long-running evaluation process. Fortunately, there are also a substantial number of papers from industry, which is considered very important as it provides the indispensible link to industrial application which should be the final goal of all manufacturing research. The volumes include 8 invited plenary keynote speeches, intended as impulse articles composed by distinguished experts of our community. Disregarding the plenary keynote sections, both volumes consist of 5 sections covering various fields of metal and partly polymer forming. The volumes are also available on a memory stick for easy access during the conference.

As the organizers, we wish to thank the various people and institutions that supported us in organizing this event and in printing these extended volumes. Our first thanks go to all authors who submitted excellent papers and make this forming community so strong. Secondly, we wish to thank all our reviewers who carefully and constructively evaluated all the submitted papers. Most of the reviewers were also members of our scientific committee. We are grateful to this scientific committee for advising us in various aspects. Especially Dr. Julian M. Allwood shall be credited who kindly edited all the submissions coming from Aachen and Dortmund to prevent biased evaluation by ourselves. Also the Standing Advisory Board of the ICTP offered us their valuable help. One important key that allowed us to do the whole organization work and printing of the proceedings has been our generous sponsors. Finally, we would like to thank all members of the organizing committee. The members of the AGU provided us a valuable support.

In conclusion, we wish that the metal forming community will utilize these two voluminous books as a source of innovative ideas, fundamental knowledge and interesting applications of the fascinating world of plasticity.


Gerhard Hirt

Institute of Metal Forming

RWTH Aachen University


A. Erman Tekkaya

Institute of Forming Technology and Lightweight Construction

Technische Universität Dortmund


Organizing Office:

Simon Seuren

Ilka Steiner

Holger Voswinckel

Burkhard Wietbrock

Editorial Office:

Christoph Becker

O. Koray Demir

Andreas Jäger

Qing Yin