Conference prizes 2023

Our journals regularly sponsor prizes for the best poster or oral presentations at select international conferences. The prizes recognize excellence in the field, with an emphasis on young and aspiring scientists.

Actively Learning Materials Science | Aalto, Finland | 27 February – 3 March 2023

Award sponsored by Advanced Science for the best poster presentation

Ashna Jose from the Université Grenoble Alpes, France, for her poster entitled, Regression Tree-Based Active Learning: An Application to Metal Organic Frameworks.

Research summary: A regression tree-based active learning algorithm (RT-AL) is proposed to overcome the lack of
labeled data for material property predictions using machine learning. Its efficiency is demonstrated on a dataset of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs), highly porous materials that can employ an electronic transition to efficiently desorb gas; the thermodynamic quantities relevant to which are very time consuming to compute using electronic structure methods.

Materials for Sustainable Development Conference | Valencia, Spain | 6-10 March 2023

Award sponsored by Advanced Optical Materials for the best poster presentation

Simona Streckaitė from the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Lithuania, for her poster entitled, Energy transfer processes in lead halide perovskites doped with ytterbium.

Research summary: Lead halide perovskites, which absorb strongly in the short wavelength region, are the perfect host to transfer the absorbed energy to the lanthanide ytterbium, which emits at the optimal wavelength for Si solar cells. In our work, we show the effortless synthesis of ytterbium incorporation into lead halide perovskites and a thorough investigation of the quantum-cutting phenomenon that occurs in these systems.