Best of Macros 2018

The 2018 edition of the Best of the Macromolecular journals family is a collection of the most interesting articles that have been published across the six Macromolecular journals in the past year. All articles are free to access until the end of 2018 – the logos below will take you to the selection for each journal. You can also download the PDF guide here., and previous editions of the Best of the Macromolecular journals family can be found here.



Recent Progress in the Design of Monodisperse, Sequence-Defined Macromolecules

Susanne C. Solleder, Rebekka V. Schneider, Katharina S. Wetzel, Andreas C. Boukis, Michael A. R. Meier

Photocontrolled Living Polymerization Systems with Reversible Deactivations through Electron and Energy Transfer

Sivaprakash Shanmugam, Jiangtao Xu, Cyrille Boyer

Supramolecular Polymerization from Controllable Fabrication to Living Polymerization

Zehuan Huang, Bo Qin, Linghui Chen, Jiang-Fei Xu, Charl F. J. Faul, Xi Zhang

Metal-Free Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization of Methyl Methacrylate with ppm Level of Organic Photocatalyst

Zhicheng Huang, Yu Gu, Xiaodong Liu, Lifen Zhang, Zhenping Cheng, Xiulin Zhu

Stimulus-Responsive Nanoparticles and Associated (Reversible) Polymorphism via Polymerization Induced Self-assembly (PISA)

Yiwen Pei, Andrew B. Lowe, Peter J. Roth

Organocatalyzed Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization: Perspectives on Catalyst Design and Performance

Jordan C. Theriot, Blaine G. McCarthy, Chern-Hooi Lim, Garret M. Miyake

Application of Bottlebrush Block Copolymers as Photonic Crystals

Allegra L. Liberman-Martin, Crystal K. Chu, Robert H. Grubbs

Spatial Patterning of Hydrogels via 3D Covalent Transfer Stamping from a Fugitive Ink

Shuang Wang, Paul D. Dalton, Tim R. Dargaville

Optothermally Reversible Carbon Nanotube–DNA Supramolecular Hybrid Hydrogels

Nikhita D. Mansukhani, Linda M. Guiney, Zonghui Wei, Eric W. Roth, Karl W. Putz, Erik Luijten, Mark C. Hersam



High-Throughput Step Emulsification for the Production of Functional Materials Using a Glass Microfluidic Device

André R. Studart et al.

Rheological Study of Soft Matters: A Review of Microrheology and Microrheometers

Wei Liu, Chi Wu

Practical Chain-End Reduction of Polymers Obtained with ATRP

Craig J. Hawker et al.

Sulfur-Based Polymer Composites from Vegetable Oils and Elemental Sulfur: A Sustainable Active Material for Li-S Batteries

Patrick Theato et al.

Design and Synthesis of Multigraft Copolymer Thermoplastic Elastomers: Superelastomers

Jimmy W. Mays et al.

Polyethylene-Based Tadpole Copolymers

Nikos Hadjichristidis et al.

Main-Chain Polyimidazolium Polymers by One-Pot Synthesis and Application as Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Precursors

Jiayin Yuan, Markus Antonietti, et al.

Design of Random and Semi-Random Conjugated Polymers for Organic Solar Cells

Jenna B. Howard, Barry C. Thompson



A Hydrogel-Based Localized Release of Colistin for Antimicrobial Treatment of Burn Wound Infection

David M. Haddleton et al.

AIE Polymers: Synthesis, Properties and Biological Applications

Ruoyu Zhan, Yutong Pan, Purnima Naresh Manghnani, Bin Liu

Solid Tumor Immunotherapy with T Cell Enganger-Armed Oncolytic Viruses

Leonard W. Seymour et al.

Innovative Methods and Applications in Mucoadhesion Research

Alan R. Mackie et al.

Drug-free Macromolecular Therapeutics Induce Apoptosis via Calcium Influx and Mitochondrial Signaling Pathway

Lian Li, Jiyuan Yang, Jiawei Wang, Jindrich Kopecek

Multifunctional Surface Modification: Facile and Flexible Reactivity toward a Precisely Controlled Biointerface

Hsien-Yeh Chen et al.



Electrospun Nanostructures for High Performance Chemiresistive and Optical Sensors

Seon-Jin Choi, Luana Persano, Andrea Camposeo, Ji-Soo Jang, Won-Tae Koo, Sang-Joon Kim, Hee-Jin Cho, Il-Doo Kim, Dario Pisignano

Recent Progress of Graphene-Containing Polymer Hydrogels: Preparations, Properties, and Applications

Chenguang Pan, Libin Liu, Guangjie Gai

Design and Fabrication of Fibrous Nanomaterials Using Pull Spinning

Kevin Kit Parker et al.

Large-Scale Highly Aligned Nanowire Printing

Yeongjun Lee, Sung-Yong Min, Tae-Woo Lee

3D Printing of Polymer Nanocomposites via Stereolithography

Jill Z. Manapat, Qiyi Chen, Piaoran Ye, Rigoberto C. Advincula

Simultaneous Application of Pressure-Infusion-Gyration to Generate Polymeric Nanofibers

Xianze Hong, Suntharavathanan Mahalingam, Mohan Edirisinghe



Formation of Single Gyroid Nanostructure by Order-Order Phase Transition Path in ABC Triblock Terpolymers

Tongjie Sun, Ping Tang, Feng Qiu, Yuliang Yang, An-Chang Shi

An Update on the Pivotal Role of Kinetic Modeling for the Mechanistic Understanding and Design of Bulk and Solution RAFT Polymerization

Christopher Barner-Kowollik  et al.

Modeling of Superacid Catalyzed Step-Growth Polymerization of Isatin and Biphenyl or Terphenyl Monomers

Juan Enrique Romero-Hernández, Alfredo Cruz-Rosado, Mikhail G. Zolotukhin, Eduardo Vivaldo-Lima



Use of Online Spectroscopy to Control Polymerization in Industrial Processes

Brenda Colegrove, Kishori Deshpande, Rich Harner, Liane Mikolajczyk, Serena K. Stephenson, J. D. Tate, John Weston

Reactor Fouling by Preformed Latexes

Jone Urrutia, Alberto Peña, José M. Asua

A Comprehensive Review on Controlled Synthesis of Long-Chain Branched Polyolefins: Part 3, Characterization of Long-Chain Branched Polymers

Shiping Zhu et al.