Best of 2011 from the ACerS journals

These top accessed articles from the American Ceramics Society (ACerS) are free to access – enjoy reading!

Best of the American Ceramics Society

Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Electric Current Activation of Sintering: A Review of the Pulsed Electric Current Sintering Process 
Zuhair A. Munir, Dat V. Quach, Manshi Ohyanagi

Measuring and Interpreting the Structure of Grain-Boundary Networks
Gregory S. Rohrer

Synthesis of Single Crystalline Anatase TiO2 (001) Tetragonal Nanosheet-Array Films on Fluorine-Doped Tin Oxide Substrate
Shuanglong Feng et al.

Influence of Externally Imposed and Internally Generated Electrical Fields on Grain Growth, Diffusional Creep, Sintering and Related Phenomena in Ceramics
Rishi Raj, Marco Cologna, John S. C. Francis

International Journal of Applied Glass Science

High-Power Solid-State Lasers: a Laser Glass Perspective
John H. Campbell, Joseph S. Hayden, Alex Marker

Edge Strength Testing of Thin Glasses
Suresh T. Gulati, John D. Helfinstine

An Overview of the Structure and Properties of Silicon-Based Oxynitride Glasses
Paul F. Becher et al.

Preventing Sodium Poisoning of Photocatalytic TiO2 Films on Glass by Metal Doping

Murat Erdem Kurtoglu, Travis Longenbach, Yury Gogotsi

International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology

Studies of Rare-Earth-Doped BiFeO3 Ceramics 
Yingbang Yao et al.

Regenerative Performance of the NASA Symmetrical Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Design

Thomas L. Cable et al.

Development of Ceramic Supports Derived from Low-Cost Raw Materials for Membrane Applications and its Optimization Based on Sintering Temperature
Purushothaman Monash, Gopal Pugazhenthi

Durability Prediction of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anode Material under Thermomechanical and Fuel Gas Contaminant Effects

Gulfam Iqbal, Huang Guo, Bruce S. Kang, Olga A. Marina