Advanced & Macro Awards 2020

The Macro & Advanced Awards of 2020 in chronological order:

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Young Professional Meetup: Light Emission in Organic and Hybrid Materials – From Photophysics to Efficient Devices | 5 June 2020
The journal Advanced Optical Materials sponsored a prize for the best ePoster presentation at the Online Conference on Light Emission. The prize was awarded to:

Surenda Babu Anantharaman from the University of Pennsylvania, USA;

Enhanced Room Temperature Photoluminescence Quantum Yield in Morphology-controlled J-aggregates (click image to enlarge).

The narrowband photoluminescence quantum yield at room temperature of supramolecular assemblies of cyanine dyes (J-aggregates) is enhanced from 5 % to 60%. Confinement of J-aggregates in a bicontinuous phase in water-alkylamine blends improves the quality of the J-aggregates.